Visit Kashmir From Bangladesh! Complete Travel Guide.

For those who like to go for a low budget tour like us, this plan will probably work. We had 7 tour tours. The cost is 13577 / - per head (including travel tax). How can I reduce the cost in such a way that after writing in the series, I would like to write about the Kashmir Tour.
Visit Kashmir, Photo: Arup Debnath

How to Go Kashmir

  •  Khulna to Benapole, Benapole to Sealdah, Sealdah to Howrah (45 (BDT) + 30 + 20+ 8)
  •  From Howrah to Jammu train. 715 rupees. There are two trains. (Jammu Tawi Express, Himgiri Express). It takes 2 hours less in Himghiri. From Howrah leave at 11.45 this week 3 days. I will do Jammu Taiyai Express Pref. The train would leave at 11.45 in the morning, but it would be possible to reach Jammu in the morning after 45 hours. After reaching the morning, there would not be any problem in the street due to the morning.
  •  Jumma descended from the station and jumped on the bus. Rs.10 / - will be required. From bus stand to Srinagar bus will cost Rs 300 / -. In the cube the minimum amount is 700 / -.
  •  8/9 hours to reach Srinagar. Go to the houseboat (hotel in boats) or hotel. 200 Per Cross Per Day.
  •  The next day Gulmarg left the taxi cab. If you take 4 seats, it takes 1600-1800 rupees if you take the full cab and 9 sitters, the maximum cost of 2000 / - (the cost will be much lower). Go to Gulmarga and do not ride the horse at all. Go to Gondola Ride there. The first step will be to get 740 / - the next step will be 950 / - two steps will be cut off from the bottom. There is no separate counter at the top. Come back from Gondola to Srinagar by car.
  •  The next day Sonemarg Located 54 kilometers away. All of the rent is one. Go to Sonmarg and go to two places. One is Glasier, another is Jozilla Pass-Zero Point. We went to the second. There should be renting a separate car there. Local That's 9 seater. 3000 rupees Come back to Srinagar and come back to Srinagar.
  •  The next day, the dancers and the locals will be able to tour one day. I will not recommend locating the locals. There are few parks in Srinagar, which are nothing but picnic spots. If you have a desire, you can go to "Pya Mahal". It's a little better. Cost Same 2000 / - All Gardens / Parks will require a 24 / - ticket.
  •  The next day Pahalgam. Cost Same 2000 / - It is 94 kms away. Stay at night in Pahalgam. And do not need to back in Srinagar. Go to Pahalgam and go to Besaran with 500 rupees on horseback. Not anywhere else Just Bisaran Then all points will end. From there, come to Aru Valley Betab Valley and Chandanwari, hire a local car. 2000 / -.
  •  After passing the night, the next morning, 8/9 hours to return to Jumu bus or cab. The cost has already been told. Jumu Tawai Express will be available in the evening at 6.55 pm. At 46 hours after reaching Kolkata at 5 pm at the Kolkata station.

Tips to visit Kashmir: 

  •  All costs will depend on how much you can afford.
  • The Indian Army will see more people than Kashmiri people. Looks like the war is always going on.
  • Do not be disappointed in any way. Checking will be many times. Do not warm the head somewhere.
  • The people of Kashmir want freedom It's good to not talk about anything political.
  • Khaym Chok is famous for eating. But the price is more here. Apart from this, you can eat better at low prices near the dargah in Srinagar. What we call the barbecue in the country is called Barbeque in Kashmir. Kashmiri kabab is a little different. I understand.
  • There is nothing available in lamb and poultry in Kashmir. They will have to eat. Kashmiri tea will certainly test.
  •  The last thing about the tour is that everyone wants to buy Kashmiri shawls. If you do not trust anyone, go to M A link road, there is a price shop there. Of these, the shop named Fashion got good. Here you will get good shawl between 700-900 / -.

-Don't put dirt in there. Many of you will still be traveling around there. They will try to get a better experience.

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