Shomsher Gazi Basher Kella Resort, Feni [Travel Guide]

Shomsher Gazir Basher Kella (Bamboo Castle), Feni

It is located 7 kilometers east of Trunk Road of Feni district, at Shamsar Gazi's Bamboon Castle (Shamsher Gazir Basher Kella), at Chamkonagar village in Chagalnaiya upazila. This resort is now quite popular with tourism travelers.

The construction of everything inside and outside of it is the use of Bashar. Also often it is the attraction of the cultural program here, the dancing performance of the surrounding hillside from Tripura State.

People of rural Bengal tried to make it astonishing by creating a whole tourism center on a total of 5 acres, with the help of many other materials of culture, the entrepreneur.

High bamboo rows outside the bamboo resort. The walls are made of bamboo walled artwork and each furniture is made of bamboo. Apart from the resort there are various artistic arrangements, the traditional mountainous houses of the Khagrachari Hill District by bamboo rug at the open courtyard beside the outer garden.

There can be any literary chat or free show organized. The mountainous room is a delightful stage-like shape. There are several small benches sitting beside the small fruit gardens on the other side, on the other side, for moving around the lake, the seats are filled with rotary seats.

In the entrance of the fort, everyone will see 'Oikotan', a drummer, tabla, harmonium and monochromatic sculpture.

The Bengali rural population and tribal people have a chip shop and tea coffee stall. There are arrangements for banquets, barbecue facilities. There is also a food made of bamboo.

In the afternoon as an additional payment, you will see boat travel in the Feni Muhuri river and the Kaira Dighi.

Entry price

For the non-residents, the entrance fee is only 20 taka.

How to go

To reach Chagalnaya bus from Feni city bus will come straight at Shamsher's Gazi Bamboo's stronghold Dhaka-Chittagong highway. After crossing the Baroiyar market through Ramgarh Road and reaching Shuvapur Bazar, it can be seen only if it crosses a 3-kilometer road by crossing a narrow road east of the bamboo canal. CNG autorickshaw will be rented from Barirhat for 40-50 taka. Again, from Feni city to go to Chagalnaiya, Shamsher Gazi's Bamboo Kella Resort is to go to the resort.

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Where to stay

The advantage of staying at Shamsher Gazi Bamboo Fortress Resort You can also stay in Feni Sadar if you want. The name given below is given below
  • Feni Circuit House
  • District Council Dak Bungalow
  • LGED Rest House
  • Rest House of Water Development Board
  • The rest house of the Pali Vidyut Samiti, located approximately 1.5 km south of Highway near Mahipal Border.
  • Hotel Midnight, Zaharia Mosque Market, S, S, K. Road. Phone: 0331-6223 / 01733-585956
  • Hotel Gazi International, S, S, K Road, Feni. Phone: 0331-624415 / 01711-123454 / 01714-267305

Contact Us

For booking or any type of information please contact 01767863558, 01717950169

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