Nikli Haor and Historical Places of Kishorganj [Complete Tour Guide]

When your head hangs around, jam, busyness, office, family, etc., you will have a place where you forget to forget everything behind it and get fresh freshness.
Nikli Haor, Kishoreganj, Credit: TOB (Facebook Group)

Floating on the vast water, looking at the blue colored skycloth, you can feel yourself with emptiness.

Since there are always tourist attractions in the famous tourist spots, so such kind of unexpected places you can visit your own way easily.
Nikli Haor, Kishorganj, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

There is no problem like normal tourism place.

If you do not see any village when the water flows in the horoscope, then the haor can feel like a sea. Walking around, it turns out that the floating on the water is impossible, the beautiful small green villages.

When the boat can come back to the village and stop the boat. You would think that the habit of living in water is like the nature of the water.

You can buy light breakfast from different village markets. If you sit down on the roof of the boat on the shuffle under the open sky, you can get the strange eating pleasure.You may feel tasty even if you have a bad meal.

Let's see another Ratargul

The rooftops will roam around the horoscope. One green forest sinking under water Leaves in the layer layers. You will stay in the water along the tree's chest You may think it is another night watch.

Take an hour to go straight from the nikali baribig to the boat. You can walk around your boat for 3 hours in a boat.
Boat of Nikli Haor, Kishorganj, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

Boat rental:
Generally they take 700/800 taka for one hour. For a few hours, you can take 500 taka per hour. And of course, you will be able to rent. It may fall further.

The boats are also very big. 15/20 people will be able to stay in the boat. According to the size of the boat, rent is not too much. So it is better to take a big boat.

Meals at Nikoli:

There is not a good quality meal in Nikli. But there are many restaurants in the market, it will be good to eat fresh fishes in the fair quality. You can eat delicious food of fresh fish in the restaurant.

You Can spend the night in the boat:

A full moon night can be spent on the roof of the boat under the dark blue sky of sky full of night. It's fairly safe to stay there at night. If the weather is good.

However, to ensure thorough security, they will have to be informed by the Nikoli Police Station.

Then you can spend a night of thoughtless and comfortable. And at night, you must stay at some place near the exit.

Although there is no facility to stay in Nikoli, but there is a Dakbungalow(Guest House) in Nikoli Police Station. If there is a need to have an emergency.

Talk to the police and arrange them there. But the bungalow is not too good quality. If it is not, then there is Kishoreganj city at hand.

Nokil police station OC phone number: (Md Nasir Uddin-01713373490)

How to go:

If you want to move in the morning and get into the night, then the best way is to go through the Puler Ghat. Nikli Haor is the closest one, from Kulgorong's Pulerghat.

Golapbagh bus stand on the side of Dhaka Sayedabad can go to Purnarghat straight at the 'Ananya Super' bus.

Fare 220 taka, It takes 3 hours. It takes 1 hour by the CNC from Pulerghat. In the CNG, the fare is 80 takas.

You will get the bus from Golapbagh starting from the early morning. But if you think of Good Meal, then you will have to go to Kishoreganj town. CNG takes an hour to go from Nikolai to Kishoreganj town. There is no better way to stay in Nikli.

And if you think, Kishoreganj city and its surrounding areas, such as some traditional patterns House of Isha Kha, Shiv Temple of Chandrabati, Historical Pagla Mosques, Historical Sholakia Eidgah, etc.

 But you can go to Kishoreganj town directly from Dhaka. Nikolai Howrah will be able to go back to Kishoreganj City again. CNG goes from the south side of the railway station to Nikli. You can reach Nikli Haor in just one hour of 80-100 takas per person.

Or you can leave the city very close to the leather port. From there, renting a boat can roam another side of haor. CNG or auto going to Ekramapura rail crossings from Chamberport to the city. CNG will take less than half an hour. Fare 40-50 taka per head.

 If you want to take some time and travel around the rails, then it is better to go around Kishoreganj town. In addition, the city will get good food to eat.

Where you stay at Kishoreganj

There are several air-conditioned residential hotels in the surroundings of Maine Point Gourangbazar, Kishoreganj's city.

  • Hotel Review Residential , Rent 600-1000 Phone: 01754231267, 0941-61127
  • Hotel Gangchil Residential, Rent 600-1000
  • Hotel Ujnavati Residential, Rent 600-1000
  • Hotel Resilient Residential, Rent 700-1200, Phone: 01759014554

And some good quality restaurants will be available at the inside of the city for food. In it,
  • Hotel Gangchil, Station Road, Kishoreganj
  • Hotel Dhansiri, Rathkhala, Kishoreganj
  • Hotel Star One, Station Road, Kishoreganj
  • Hotel Estikutum, Station Road, Kishoreganj
  • Hotel Cinnamon, Rathkhala, Kishoreganj
  • Twist, Khardapati Road, Kishoreganj (Best Fast Food)

How to go

Kishoreganj buses are available from Dusk in the evening to Gulabbagh bus stand or Mohakhali bus stand. Kishoreganj buses leaving Mohakhali are a small type of buses.

Or you can go to the train. The train is the most comfortable journey to Kishoreganj. During the whole day, three intercity trains have come to Dhaka to Kishoreganj.

Train Time Schedule:

Train from Dhaka to Kishoreganj
  • At 8am - Egaro Shindur Provati
  • At 10am - Kishoreganj Express
  • At 6pm - Egaro Shindur Godhuli

Train from Kishoreganj to Dhaka
  • At 6:30 in the morning - Egaro Shindur Provati
  • At 12 noon - Egaro Shindur Godhuli
  • At 3:30 pm - Kishoreganj Express.
Train Fare: 
  • Shovon - 120 taka
  • Shovon Chair - 150 Taka
  • First class - 185 taka

It takes 3 to 4 hours to go to the train,The 'Shovon' category seat is not very comfortable.
At the end of the week and early in the train is quite crowded. However, if you get a decorative chair, the crowd will not take too much.

(If you want to go from Dhaka to the train one day before the station counters you will get a ticket with the train seat, but it will be difficult to get a ticket from Kishoreganj.)

If you have time to hand, Kishoreganj can do more to see.

Historical Junglebari:

Isha Khan's second capital. Isha Khan established his second capital in Jangalbari of Hazradi Pargana. The three-domed mosque built in unique architecture, the ruins of the court hall and the fortressed bastions bear memories of the bright past. 

6 Kms from Kishoreganj city Jangalbari's position in the Kadir Jungle Union of Karimganj upazila on the east. It is easy to go from Ekrampur in the district headquarters to autorickshaw or foot-driven rickshaw.

Historical Egaroshindhur Fort:

It is a memorial battlefield of historic war of Isha Khan in 1595, with the Mughal commander Mansingh. In addition to the ruins of this fort, besides Nirgain Shah, the tomb of Shah Garibullah, Shah Mahmud mosque, Vita and Balakhana, which still bear witness to the present. 

Located in the bank of the Brahmaputra river, this area was known as the famous river port in the 16th century. Its position in Egarasindur union of Pakundia upazila. Distance from the district headquarters is 30 km. Bus and auto rickshaw medium

Sukumar Roy's house:

Paternal house of famous streak and child artist Sukumar Rai It is located in Mosua village of Katiadi upazila. Passing the path of the city's thirty-two CNG stations, the rest can go to rickshaw.

Temple of Chandravati Shiv Mondir:

Chandrabati's memorial temple, the original female poet of Bengal. The 16th century manasa Mangal Kavya's famous poet Dwija Bansidas's daughter, and the ancient female poets of Vanga, which are known to have many stories of Chandrabati rich in this temple built in the Christian 16th century.

 Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila is located at Kacharpara village of Maijkhapan Union, on the banks of the river Phulseshwari, the famous Shiva temple of the poet Chandrabati. What distance from Kishoreganj city is 6 M ..

Historical Pagla Mosque:

Pagla Mosque built in modern architecture is known as the historic and spectacular establishment. It is reported that, a spiritual man, a madman, came out to meet the mat in the middle of the Narsunda river and was stuck to the present mosque and many devotees gathered around him. After the demise of the madman, the mosque was built beside his tomb, and in time it is known as Pagla Mosque. The mosque is considered as a very sacred religious center for almost all religious people. The mosque is located in the Harua area of ​​the city. It is easy to go to rickshaw from anywhere in the city.

Sholakia Eidgah:

The biggest Eidgah in the continent of Asia is Sholakia Eidgah. In this Eidgah Eid Jamaat, about three lakh devotees offer holy Eid prayers. 

It has been said that, many years ago, there was a gathering of hundreds of thousands of devotees in a congregation of this Eidgah. 

The word 'soya lakh' was later known as 'Sholakia Eidgah'. It is easy to go to Sholakia Eidgah grounds from rickshaws anywhere in the city.

Spectacular Lake City:

Kishoreganj, the heart of hundreds of thousands of heritage centers, has recently been established in the eyes of the lake city. The city's traditional Vidyapith is situated in the area east of Gurudayal Government College, as part of the Lakeside, a number of aesthetic bridges, mini parks and watch towers. 

Falling afternoon yellow light and furrowing in the air in the lakecity, spending time and again will not be bad.

In addition to the Kishoreganj district, you can visit around the city of Baulai zamindar house, located in Mithamain upazila, one of the Mughal architectures established in the era of Emperor Jahangir, Delhi, Akhra.

And yes, before coming back from Kishoreganj city, Don't forget to taste the roshmalai of Modongopal and Rajmoni Store.

Information Collected from : Shakir Ehsanullah, Sayed Hadiuzzaman Nabil, Ahmed Tanvir

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