Someshwari River, Durgapur, Netrokona [Travel Guide]

Someshwari River, Durgapur

Turn around the hills of the hills, Plantagulora indigenous Netrokona Durgapur! Durgapur Netrokona district is an upazila. The true beauty of Durgapur is transparent Someshwari river. The Someshwari river (Somessori River), originating from the border of the Garo hills of Meghalaya state, comes from Durgapur or Sangamgaa, and has reached Durgapur by the side of Baghamara Bazar. The beautiful river that flows on the side of Durgapur is beautiful. This river originated from the Garo Hills of Meghalaya state of India, has entered Bangladesh through the Bay of the Meghalaya on the side of Ranichang hill. Someshwari is said to have originated from the border. It is also known that the name of Someshwala Pathak was named after Someshwari after the capture of this region. Ah, the beauty of this river is different in different seasons! However, its water is transparent throughout the year. Although the monsoon has increased in the winter, the water of Someswari decreases in winter.

In the winter when the water is low, the knees in the Someswari river will walk down to the water. Philings will be great

From the Sukan Durgapur bazaar, crossing Sunil Someshwari river with rickshaw or motorcycle, you can visit Garo Hills, Pink Hills, Blue / Green Lake of Lake. There is also a church and a few pillars made for training during the Liberation War, in addition to the India Border. For the whole day the rickshaw will rent between 400 to 800 rupees (which can be kept from). The rickshaw will not find you, the rickshaw will sit in your hotel. Motorcycles can be rented out from the Talukder Plaza / Agrani Bank.

How to go

Bus will be best for Dhaka from Durgapur (Durgapur). Several buses left for Mohakhali bus terminal from Dhaka to Susang Durgapur - between Tk 250 and 280 on rent. This bus will take you to the bus station in Durgapur bus stand.

Where to eat

Nerala Hotel is probably the most famous. But there are a few other smaller hotels. Wearing clothes and eating eggs with these can probably be an intelligent task.

Where to stay

The best place to stay for the small group (2-4) is the gold rest house. Where the bus stops, it is newly built. Look out from the outside though not too much of a fan. 400 rooms will be rented for each room of double bed. A.C. The room may start very soon.

YWCA's place is also good but the rest house is old. There are gardens in the front. The conference room, the stage is also there. But it must reach the main road through a few bushes. If you eat and walk around, it will be a hassle to come out again and again. If a large group is taken away, then it's okay. Otherwise it would be better to leave the thought of paying a bed of 300 rupees full room at 600 rupees. A.C. The room is one that is 700 rupees.

Upazila Dakbungalow and where there is no government official can get the benefit only. Below are some of the hotels in Durgapur

Durgapur Dak Bungalow, Durgapur, Netrokona 09525556015
Hotel Pusp, Durgapur, Netrokona 01818646793
Hotel Nirala, Durgapur, Netrokona 0171786798
YWACA Rest Huse, Birishiri, Durgapur 017110277901
Golda Guest House, Birishiri, Durgapur 01712284698
Hotel Medina, Durgapur, Netrokona 019244181455

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