Amiakhum, Thanchi, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

Amiakhum Waterfall, Thanchi, Bandarban, Credit: Dip Biswas(TOB)

Amiakhum, Bandarban is a tremendous waterfall or waterfall. The water falls down strongly in the hills and green hills. Milk-colored foam spreads on the stone. Nimese is soaked in the side of the rocky stalk Continuous with waterfalls and fluctuations.

If you see the scenes in the mountains of Gahin leaving the locality, you will be deeply engrossed in life. Nature is sitting in such a beautiful beauty that we have all of this green, green and green Bengal - in Bandarban - Bandarban. Amakkhum Falls near Bangladesh-Myanmar border is seen as the landlord of Bengal.

According to some, it is the most beautiful waterfall in Bangladesh. Its location is located at the remote Nakshiang in Thanchi upazila of Bandarban.

Those who see the position of such wealth in Bangladesh, they are looking fascinated. Standing in front of such a scene in the rocky mountains, everyone should lose their mouth.

He was lost with adornment and admitted all fatigue, exhaustion. In the rainy season, youth returns to Amiakhum. The vast waterways fall down at a high speed. Cut the stone down and run fast at the bottom.

Way to go

Thanchi will go straight from Bandarban bus or jeep. Thanchi takes about 4/5 hours to go. The main task of throwing Thanchi is to make a guide. Now, from the Thanchi, the boat went to Romakri market, from Thanchi to Romakri every 200 taka, but seeing the tourists, the reserve was 3000/4000. If you leave early morning from Thanchi, take a walk down the romakri and grab the Nafakhum waterfall. You will get two and a half to three hours walk you can see Nafakhum. Take a few pictures here, take a rest, then go to Sajai Padra.

If you start from Nafkhum Falls, you will reach Sajiapara within 3/4 hours. After finishing the night at Sajiyepara, read the morning after morning and proceed with a guide from Sajyapara to Amiyakhum. In this case, the guide will have to pay as much as 500 taka.

Go back again by looking at the amiakhum, after returning to Sajiapara, Night Tuntu Shajiipara, you can return to the previous street again in Thanchi.

Where will it be
Located in the nearby Sajyapara and Zinnapara from Amakkhumi. To spend the night, you will have to take shelter in a house at Sajyapara or Zinapara.

Guide to Sajiapara or Zinapara will rent 500 taka.

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