Khejurtola Sea Beach, Chittagong [Complete Tour Guide]

Among the many beautiful beaches in the city of Chittagong, if one compares with beauty, then the Khejurtola Beach is one of them.

 If you go once you understand why it is beautiful? To see the true beauty, you have to go to the dawn / fallout afternoon.
Khejurtola Beach, Chittagong, Credit: TOB (Facebook Group)

 Look at the beauty of the beach in the afternoon! You can easily enjoy Patenga and Naval atmosphere at low cost, convenient date palms.

A group of people can enjoy chanting in the stairs or enjoying the green grass on the hillside. People living around the fishermen's surroundings.
Khejurtola Sea Beach, Chittagong, Credit:TOB(Facebook group)

And if there are friends, then there is no talk of taking football, there is a Unlimited space of field on the sea level. Very good place for sports.

In the evening, the waves of the air with the waves of the ocean and the ocean lying in the ocean, the light of the boat, and the sodium light of stagnant ships in the ocean, will give you light!

If you take time, you can reach the half-hour of the journey from Khejurtala to southwest and reach Jaillapara Beach.

Here is a whole different atmosphere! A place in the Jaillapara busy place! Some of the fishermen are trapping, some are repairing the boat, or anyone is engaged in fishing, selling or drying.

If you go to the evening / night / dawn, you can buy fresh hilsa shrimp or other marine fish at a little price!

How to go

From the place of Chittagong city to the Stillmill market, on the right side of the road (south-west), the road that goes on the autobike / rickshaw can be reached in 10 minutes.

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