Bhatpara, Neelkuthi, Meherpur [Complete Tour Guide]

Bhatpara Nilkuthi A Neelkuthi located in Meherpur, Bangladesh. During British rule, in order to conduct indigo cultivation in the country, the English developed kuthi in different places which are known as Nilkuthi.
Bhatpara, Neelkuthi, Meherpur

The location of this neelkuthi at the east of the Kajla river south of Bhatpara Secondary School, about seven kilometers north of the Gangni Upazila of Meherpur district.

Bhatpara Nilkuthi is located 17 kilometers from Meherpur district. In front of neelkuthi there is a church fraction to pray for Ambubagan and Blue Room officials on the southwest side.

Several areas of Kuthibari established on 27 acres of land have reduced due to the allotment among landless people. The 80-foot-length and 70-foot-width original building is still standing as a witness. In 1796, indigo cultivation started here.

At this time, Gohala Chowdhury was killed in the war with the famous class leader Dasu Raghunath Ghosali, and the Meherpur area became the zamindari of Rani Bhabani. Rani Bhabani was killed when Harimnath Kumar Nandi purchased the Kashim Bazar area.

After the change of hands, the entire area was zamindari of Mathuranath Mukherjee. Once upon a time, Mathuranath Mukherjee, the notorious blue-collar James Hill, got into conflict. However, Chandra Mohan, son of Mathuranath, handed over Meherpur to James Hill with a large sum of money. In addition to the original buildings, the houses of prisons, mortgages and horses are standing in the corridors.

At the end of 2016, the district administration decided to construct the Nilkuthi house on the banks of the Kajla river as a tourist center. It started its work in early 017. Already, there are artificial lakes, fountains, statues of animals, sports equipment, water and sanitation, movement roads, bahari all flower gardens around Kuthibari.

How to go

Distance from Meherpur district headquarters is 17 km. The buses, locals go to Tempu / Nosimon / Kariman Char. This time it will take 40 minutes.

Where will it be

There are accommodation facilities in the rest house of Gangni Palasipara Social Welfare Association. Apart from this, there are accommodation in the circuit house, municipal hall, Finestar residential hotel, Mita Residential Hotel, Kamal Residential Hotel in Meherpur district.

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