Chor Alexandar, Ramgoti, Laxmipur [Complete Tour Guide]

Alexander Char, located about 40 kilometers away from Sonapur Sadar, Noakhali. It was once known only as a Chor (island).

But to meet the constant struggle with the mechanical life, it is said to be the only tourism center to meet the thirst of the people.

Chor Alexandar, Ramgoti, Laxmipur, Credit: TOB (Facebook Group)

 A wide range of green grounds There is no racket in the people. Binabibandh in front of a little. The meghna river will be seen on this dam only.

Chor Alexandar, Laxmipur, Credit: TOB (Facebook Group)

You can also take advantage of standing in a short time. And with her natural beauty In fact, going somewhere in this place, you will find some peace and tranquility.

Alexander Church's Chairman Ghat Cole is gathering hundreds of people every day to see the new dam. Someone is going or going to the family members.

Some of them are about to visit friends. The beauty of nature is not just around this chair ghat. On the way to come, you will find new lilabhamlands in natural beauty like the sun shade or Nuru Patwari.

There can also be seen on the south of Noakhali. Where only green and green fields are all around After a few days the house of the Chir residents Anyone who sees this will be able to see the eye.

The afternoon's time will look good, see the sunshine and there are buffaloes available in the milk, feeding rasikera can see.

How to go

Laxmipur from Dhaka bus. There is a bus service from Saidabad in Dhaka, Ekka service, Dhaka Express, Jonaki, Royal Coach etc.

If anyone wants to go to AC bus, then Roel Coach will be good. Rent will cost 600, with free meal It will take 5-5.30 hours to go.

From the bus to Laxmipur Jhumur cinema hall there are local buses to the Alexander Ghat. Rent will cost 50 rupees.

Ramgati has direct bus services from Chittagong. In the Ramagati bus directly, you can get to the Alexander Launch Ghat. Or Lakhipur (Jhumur Cinema Hall), there is a local bus from there to Alexander Ghat.

From Dhaka to Noakhali, Himachal or Ekushey Express will be traveling on the bus directly to Sonapur. From there there is a bus named the Subarnachar Express.

That will give you the chairmanship of Alexander. Also you can go to CNG powered autorickshaw. In that case, the rent will be Tk 300, the local CNG will cost 50 rupees.

Likewise, you can also go to Tunker Pir from Dhaka. There is a ride on the bus from Sonapur.

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