Choy Gombuj Moshjid, Six Tomb Mosque, Bagerhat [Tour guide]

Choy Gombuj Moshjid, Bagerhat, Credit: Go Green

Six domed mosques or Reza Khoda Mosque are situated in the north-west of the tomb of Khan Jahan Ali (R) located in Bagerhat district in the 15th century, near Thakur Dighi pond. Regardless of some parts of the wall of Reza Goda mosque, now almost completely destroyed.

There were 6 columns in this mosque that were supported by stone columns. It was probably a 6-domed mosque. The outer wall of the mosque with 1.74m thick wall, measuring 16.5m x12.4m east, and 3 in the north and south, had two arched entrances.

There were four octagonal towers in the four corners of the main entrance of the east side, about 4.7mm, in four corners. Along the way to the east, three ornamental mihrabs were constructed on the western wall, which still exists. The central mihrab is larger than the other two. On each side of the mihrab there is an octagonal ornamented pillar on the wall with a jazzly decorated pillar. Terracotta holes were set up for the winding of the thick wall.

How to go

Bagerhat can go directly from Dhaka. From Saidabad in Dhaka every day, from 6am to 10am and from 7pm to 10pm, many vehicles leave - Meghna (0171717388553), Bonfool, tourist (01711131078), Falguni, Ara, Baleshwar, Hamim and Dola.

Apart from this, the villages of Sohag (01718679302), Shakura (01711010450), Hanif and Eagle leave from Gabtali leave. Rent 300 to 400 taka It takes about 7 hours to travel.

You can also go to Khulna train from Dhaka. Intercity train can go to Sundarban Express and Khulna Express at Chitra Express and then go to Bagerhat by bus. It takes about 40 minutes to go from Rupsa to Bagerhat.

The mausoleum of Khanjahan Ali (RA), 22 kilometers south-east of Khulna town, is 3 kilometers south-west of Bagerhat city and 22 kilometers south-east of Khulna city. Its location is 300 yards away from the Khulna-Bagerhat highway. You have to walk this way down the bus.

Where to stay

There are several hotels in Bagerhat Sadar. There are also government guesthouses. Stay here at the Momtaj Hotel on Rail Road. Although this hotel has fewer facilities, the quality of service is fair and cost is a bit more.

Apart from this, there are more hotels to stay around this hotel. In addition to Khan Jahan Ali's shrine, he can stay at the Main Highway in the "Hotel Abhi". Rent 400 Taka Phone: 01833742623.

In addition to staying in Bagerhat, Hotel Al Amin (0468-63168, 01718692737, AC double room 1 thousand taka, non AC room 1 to 4 hundred rupees) adjacent to the central bus station and hotel estates (0468-63075, 01722858313).

It is also possible to reach Khulna from Bagerhat for 1 hour.

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