Naodanga Jomidar Bari, Kurigram [Complete Tour Guide]

Location of Naodanga zamindarbari, about 150 years old, about 8 kilometers northwest of Fulbari upazila sadar of Kurigram district. Long ago, in the undivided India, the landlord(Jomidar) of Naodanga Pargana Bahadur Pramendaranjan Buxi built it.
Naodanga Zomidarbari, Kurigram, Credit: Jehan BD

It was entrusted with full management charge, on Shivprasad Boxy. He had three sons. Biseshwar Prasad Boxi, Bishweshwar Prasad Bakshi and Bibhisheshwar Prasad Buxi. Among them, Bireshwar Prasad Buxi was later given charge of zamindar. At that time he established a minor school and primary school. It has now become Naodanga Primary School and Naodanga School and College.

By his wishes, at that time, Lord Shiva's paternal grandmother used to sit in the field of swinging in the open spaces in front of the house.

At that time, swinging from different areas, dressed in swords, took part in the procession in the procession with the throne. The march to meet the joy and pleasure.

Where to Stay

To stay in Kurigram, some hotels and guesthouse addresses are given
  • Hotel Dike (Residential), Contact: 017112313171
  • Hotel Memories, Contact: 01719028441
  • Hotel Mehdi, contact: 01711348910
  • Hotel Nevada, Contact: 01717058952
  • Hotel Arnab Palace, Contact: 01740571006

How to go

There are direct bus services to Dhaka to Kurigram. One of the buses is Hanif transport and another is Kurigram (01924-469437, 01914-856826) transport.

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