Rose Garden, Dhaka [Complete Travel Guide]

The palace house, named Rose Garden, is located at KM Das Lane, in Tikatuli, Old Dhaka, which is a short distance from Boldha Garden. There is also a Christian cemetery nearby. In 1949, this Awami League formed the Rose Garden. White stone sculptures, artificial fountains, fountains, shovels and unique architectural sculptures - a royal gardener Rose Garden.
Rose Garden, Dhaka

With the history of the birth of Bangladesh, which has been associated forever. Rose Garden is now Rashid Manzil.

There are two main gates in the middle of the Rose Garden's western and northern walls. When entering the west gate for entry and exit, there is a wide open courtyard at first. Here are some lovely women statues standing on the stage. A rectangular pond in the middle of the eastern half. There is a paved gorge between the eastern and western sides of the pond. On the east side there is a double-decker building on the west side. Whose current name is 'Rashid Manzil'.

There is a beautiful fountain made of brick and cement in the front door of Rashid Manzil's gateway. To go to the first floor of Rashid Manzil with a seven-step staircase. There are three arched doors in front of each side of the middle of the front. There is a podium on each arch on top floor.

Timepanes are decorated with sapling design and colorful glass. In front of it is the outer side oval balloon. There is a Corinthian pillar on either side. On each side of the pillars, there is a door on each floor.

Each of them has a wood-shaped vanishing blind and timepainam plantation pattern, and there is a wide open belk in front of it. The upper part of the cornice curve is decorated with belestrade design. The central part of the central part consists of eight corners and a large ceiling of arches. Its roof is covered with a half-domed dome. There are two corinthian pillars in the two corners of the building, there are also chhatti designs on top of them. There are 13 small and large sized blocks on each floor. After entering the first floor, on the left side of the west there is the rolling stairs leading to the top floor. Historical rose garden plays and telephilms are being used as shooting spot.

It is known that when the history of the Rose Garden was started, a person named Hrishikesh Das was the builder of this house who was a zamindar of Dhaka. Hrishikesh Das, one day went to the Mandalha Garden to see Jalsa of the Jalsa house. But he had to return to him after being severely humiliated. Shona talk, Rupalal Babu, who made Rupalal House after seeing Ahsan Manzil, as well as Hrishikesh Babu built a palace palace garden that became insulted by the Jalpa Garden Garden.

However, he did not build such palatial buildings at the beginning. At first he bought 22 bighas of land in KM Das area. Then on that land, there is a rose garden by bringing earth and roses from different countries of the world, that is the events of 1930.

In 1931, the building that was built in the backyard of the Corinthian pillar after leaving the rose, became famous as the Rose Garden during that time.

After the construction of the Hrishikesh Das a few days after the construction of the building, it sold it to businessman Abdur Rashid. Still inscription on the building is seen in the name of Abdur Rashid. The famous provincial library was established here, owned by businessman Abdur Rashid.

In 1966 Abdur Rashid's brother Kazi Humayun was the owner of Vag. Since then the name of the building has become famous by the name of Humayun's house. In 1970, the house was rented by the then Movie Development Agency Motion Pictures Limited. At that time the building became famous as the Bengali studio. When the Bengali studio was gone in 1993, the house came again to the Qazi Humayun family.

By that time Qazi Humayun was not alive, the owner of the building, his descendant Qazi Rakib.

Open-ended schedules:

To see the Rose Garden, you have to leave any other day other than the holidays. Rose Garden is not available on the closing day.

How to go

Rose Garden of KM Das Lane of Tikatuli in rickshaw from Gulistan or Jatrabari of Dhaka. Many rickshawlai do not recognize Rose Garden. So, the rickshawala will have to say "Humayun Shaheber Bari".

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