Sabah Garden Resort, Gazipur [Complete Tour Guide]

Sabah Garden Resort is situated in the Bagher Bazar area of Gazipur, near Dhaka. The resort is built on 36 bighas of land.
Sabah Garden Resort, Gazipur

People who are busy working in civil life will find peace and tranquility. So it is not bad if you get close to nature very quickly. For them, in the remote areas of Gazipur, near the outskirts of Dhaka, the beautiful scenery is being developed in the rural environment.

Sabah Garden Sabah Garden Resort Founder, Hasan Uddin Sarkar, according to the source of entertainment with nature, it is a worrying story about the bus. The whole resort is arranged with the message of world famous people.

It is the only resort in the country where there is a library. The books of various writers of the world have transformed the resort differently.

Here are clay and tin room. Portraits of famous people. There are beautiful cottages and 6 small ponds. There are also tigers, elephants and some animal portraits.

 Sabah Garden Resort has been formed in combination with different species of fruits, medicines and forest trees. For picnic or picnic for various events 60 thousand to 70 thousand taka.

Contact: 02-55035194, 01711873895
Way to go: The Dhaka-Mymensingh highway tiger market will come to its own transport or passenger bus. Sabah Garden Resort is located here.

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