Sonaichori Trail, Mirsarai, Chitagong [Complete Tour Guide]

Sonichori Trail located in Fakirhat Market area of Mirsarai Hill range of Chittagong district. This trail is covered by Baraiyadala Sanctuary. The diverse trail is full of wild and rocky!
Sonaichori Trail, Mirsarai, Chittagong

 In the rainy season, there is a lot more to increase. Large stones, such as a three-pointed stone, drag the adventures of Baduzzakumar, lovers of adventure, which are quite slippery in rains or rainy season.
Sonaichori Trail, Mirsarai, Chittagong

This trail will be found on the steep hills, slippery road, Badujijakham and the last head of the trail. The most beautiful trail in Chittagong area is 28 kilometers in length. This Badjjakkham kum is a narrow yet wide deep kum, whose rocky walls are 100-150 feet tall!

The upper plants do not come in the light at the same place, thousands of bamboo wings and tears give the ears in their ears! And such a bad smell has created a terrible awful effect!

How to go

On any bus from Chittagong to Chittagong, have to go down to Hadi Fakirhat market. From here, you must walk through the streets of Hadi Fakirhat Jami Mosque or go with CNG. From there the trail started. At the end of Hadi Fakirhat village, it may take three to five hours for the end of the Sonaichhari trail from the beginning of the hill. It is possible to visit this area in one day.

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Where will it be

This journey will not need to stay in one day, but if you want to stay the night, you can find the lower class hotel in Mirsarai or Sitakunda. If you want to stay in a good hotel, you have to go to Chittagong.

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