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Tajhat Zamidar Palace, Rangpur, Credit: Sha On

The Tajhat Jomidar Bari situated in Tajhat village, about six kilometers away from Rangpur city. Ratn businessman Mannalal was the founder of Tajhat zamindari. During the late eighteenth century, he started living in Mahiganj of Rangpur and built a building.

In the earthquake of 1897, his building was destroyed and he was injured and later died. After adopting the responsibility of his adopted son Gopal Lal Roy Bahadur zamindari, in the middle of the twentieth century, he built a zamindari house with the help of about 2,000 masons.

The landlord house is now well known as the Tajhat Zomidar Bari. The building costs around one and a half million taka. In 1917 the building was completed. There are large empty fields, trees, and two ponds on both sides of the palace.

The house is surrounded by the beautiful color of natural beauty, flower gardens, Kamini, Mahogoni, jackfruit and amabagan in north and south. The third and fourth floors of the landlord house, like Ahsan Manzil of Dhaka, have many things used by King Gopal.

The Tajhat Zomidar Bari is built by red bricks, white stones and limestone rocks and is very nice to see. The four-storey zamindari house has innumerable rooms, bathrooms and guest bedrooms. It is approximately 210 feet wide and has four floors high. Its structure is believed to be inspired by the ancient Mughal architecture, which is proof of its appearance in the middle of a large dome and a mosque of its spreading buildings on both sides.

But the Rajbari is different from all the other palaces of Bangladesh, which is its stairs. There is a total of 31 stairs, all of which are made of marble in Italian genres. From the stairs to the museum, the floor is all made of the same stone.

There is a secret staircase behind the palace. This secret staircase is connected to a tunnel, which is heard directly in connection with the river Ghaghat, but the stairs are now closed due to security reasons.

The beautiful fountain of the palace is evident in the evolution of the time, the white marble and its gorgeous design is somewhat dirty, yet it is still visible. It is said that it was built specifically for the queen. Prior to 2005, the zamindar house is known to everyone as Tajhat Rajbari.

Inside the tajhat zomidar bari:

In 1995, the Department of Archeology, Government of Bangladesh announced the palace as a protected structure. The government of Bangladesh used to realize the historic significance of this facility:
In 2005, the Rangpur museum was removed and brought to the second floor of the Prasad. There are several exhibition rooms in the museum, which include the Terracotta artwork of the 10th and 11th centuries. Here are some ancient manuscripts written in Sanskrit and Arabic.

Among them are the Mahabharata and the Ramayana with the Qur'an of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. In the back room there are several times the Hindu god Vishnu's portrait of stone. But there is a ban on taking pictures inside the museum. A museum has three hundred valuable monuments.

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The summer schedule of the Rangpur Museum (April-September) is from 10am to 6pm. There is a midday break from midday to thirty minutes. And winter (October-March) schedule is from 9am to 5pm. Break from 1 to 1 to 30 minutes.

On Sunday, the museum is closed on Sundays, all day holidays including public holidays on Sundays.

Ticket Price:

There are ticket takers in front of the museum gate, each ticket is worth twenty taka, but a child under five years does not need a ticket. However, the admission rate for the students of secondary level has been fixed at Tk 5. For SAARC foreign visitors, the ticket price is one hundred taka and for other foreign visitors the ticket price is two hundred taka. If you want to get into the car, you will have to pay a specific fee for the car.

How to go

Everyday passenger bus (bus) of different transport departments from different areas of Gabtoli, Gabtoli, Kalyanpur and Mohakhali bus terminals of Dhaka left for different destinations of Rangpur. Buses of all terminals of Gabtali, Kalyanpur and Mohakhali travel through Rangpur via Savar and cross the Bangabandhu Bridge. Rent will cost Tk 550-900.

When the bus from Dhaka to Kurigram goes down to the Rangpur Museum. Besides, Rickshaw can be rented from Rangpur bus station to the gate of the museum at Tk 20.

Greenline Transport: + 880-2-9112287, 9133145, 017-300-60006
TR Travels: 0119-1863689, 0119-1863691, 0119-863673
SR Travels: Kalyanpur - 01711-394801, 9033793, Gabtali - 9031226, Mohakhali - 0155-2315831, Uttara - 01711-394804
Meem Transportation - Gabtali - 01911-013694, 01734-422971
Alhamra Travels: Gabtali - 88-0-9005612, 01721-802031
Kurigram transport: 01924-469437, 01914-856826

Where to stay in Rangpur:

There are several hotels (hotels) / motel hotels to stay in Rangpur.

Tourism Motel: 0521-612111
Hotel Northview: 0521-55405, 55406
Hotel Kashipia + 880521-61111, + 8801977-27742
Hotel Golden Tower: + 880521-65920
The Park Hotel: + 880521-65920
Hotel Tilottama: + 880521-63482, 01718938424

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