Tuk O, Lamonai, Damtua Jhorna/Waterfall, Bandarban [Complete Travel Guide]

Damtua Waterfall, Bandarban, Credit: Adventure Madness

Tuk A / Lamoni / Damatua Fountain is located in Alikadem of Hill Bandarban district. And the name of the Fountain is usually the name of the Jhirir name.

The name of the fountain of Jharna is named after Frogs. Since the location of the Murong area is so framed by the frogs in their language and it is non-speaking. Dumtua means that for its steep shape, frogs and fish can not rise above its walls.
Damtua Waterfall, Bandarban, Credit: Adventure Madness

And Wajaraparg means falling water from the hill / high place. So they put together a few words, in addition to non-dumatuya wajarapag, in their language, a few more names. But we are most often called Jharna, Jharna (because of mother language) and Saita (due to the high incidence of the left areas). Therefore, we can call it a non-fountain in the name of them.

And because of the water of water from both sides, due to the nature of the other light in the light of the moon in the open space with the fountain, it is called Lamonai Jharna (La = moon and no = light) in local Murong.

How to go

From Dhaka to Chakaria, Alikadam will be 17 kms from the market. Or to go from Bandarban to 17 km. 17 km. Alikadam and Thanchi are the hilly road of beauty.
 Next to the position of Adu Para. Pamia member para from Adu Para will have to go to the fountain on the palm tamata para namsak para kakhai. It will take 6 hours to go from Adu Para to Fountain. There are some fountains on the side of it, so if you take two nights, you can see it well. However, when you go to the rainy season, you can see more water than two sides.

Where to eat

Alikadam's food and guidance costs on this side are not commercialized like Ruma or Thanchi. Yet many people in this region do not take any money to stay. Guides too low. Which often depends on the ability to manage group members. Therefore, instead of earning extra money, they will not transform the mindset of the business mindset rather than their sincerity.

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