Vinnojogot Binodon Kendro, Rangpur [Complete Travel Guide]

Being privately situated about 11km from the city of Rangpur, situated vinnojogot Binodon kendro on 100 acres of land. Many species of birds can be seen here. In the evening, they come back to their nest.
Vinnojogot Binodon Kendro, Rangpur

Hundreds of thousands of native and foreign trees are being decorated in different worlds. Here visitors can roam the whole day in the shade of trees. When crossing the main gate of the world of dissolution, the sight of the enchanting lake surrounded by three sides will be seen in front of the iron bridge. If the bridge is crossed, then there will be another variant within the dissolution.

Here are the wonders of the modern world and the country's first Planetarium. There are also Robot Scroll Zone, Space Journey, Water Wave, C-Paradise, Ajab Guha, Boat Tour, Shapla Chattar, Bir Shreshtha and language soldiers' sculpture, Walk way, 3D movie, fly helicopter, Mary go round, lake drive, swimming pool spinning head, Fishing arrangement.

At the same time there are at least five hundred separate picnic arrangements for different groups. There are at least 8 / 9 hundred parking facilities available on the inside. There are 7 cottages. There are three star models of Dream Palace. Naval facilities are available in the water bodies here. For childrens, there are kangaroo, elephants, horses, and various animal statues.

Various species of decorative trees, planted in a variety of ways, are covered under the water of the dissolved water. Many people from different parts of the country visit buses, buses, microbuses, motorcycles, rickshaws, autorickshaws, and many people come here to visit.

Ticket price: entry fee 30 taka, popular 20 rides ticket price of 380 taka

How to go

There are several luxurious AC and non-AC buses in Dhaka from Mohakhali, Kalyanpur, Mohammadpur and Gabtoli in Dhaka. These buses cost between Tk. 500 and Tk. 1 thousand. It will take 6 to 7 hours from Dhaka to Rangpur. There is a car to go from different parts of Rangpur to a different place. From there, it can be used for battery operated Ezibai at Tk 150 to Tk 150 and can be used in 15 to 20 minutes.

Where to stay

The park has 23 different cottages. VIP 2 thousand taka, general 1,000 - 1,500 taka rental every day Cottage advance can be booked for picnic.
In addition, Rangpur city has some residential hotel.


Booking: 01713038493
Contact for corporate booking
01734107471, 01719420612
Rangpur Office: 01856491276, 01856491280, 01856491275
Dhaka Uttara Office: 8802-8953348-49, 01713038492, 01713038495
Dhaka Banani Office: 02-8833869-71, 01912134062, 01713038493

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