Visit Shimul Fuler Bagan And Zadukata River, Sunamganj [Tour Guide]

This Shimul flower garden on the banks of the Jadukta river at Tahirpur in Sunamganj, over 100 bighas of land. There are also lemon trees as well. In the spring, Shimul Bagan becomes so red and gloomy and looks great beyond imagination.

Shimul bagan's position is beside Jadukata river and on the other bank of the river, you'll see Meghalaya Hill. It's mixed with all the mixed poems of nature.

14 years ago, this Shimul garden was built on a 2,400 acre land  by a wealthy businessman named Joynal Abedin.

When spring is flooded with swollen flowers on two thousand trees, then who is there not to love it?
Shimul Fuler Bangan . Source: তানভীর চৌধুরী পিয়েল (TOB)

The best time to travel

Shimul forest's bloodstream beauty is seen just one month in each year. If you start at the beginning of Falgun, you can see flowers on the tree.

How to go

By Bus: Shyamoli / Mamun /Ena Paribahan  from Dhaka to Sunamganj fare taka 500-550.

My Motorbike riders are awaiting at Notun Bazar area in Sunamgonj. Talking to them to visit the Barek Tila River Bank, Generally, they charge 200 takas. It is possible to go to 150 or less! Two passengers can ride at the same time. In this way, They take 100 takas per person.

After crossing the ferry with Tk 5, Barek Tila, which goes on to the other side of the river, from which the beautiful Zadukata river can be seen.

There are some tea stalls left from Barek Tila. If you ask them(locals), they'll show the way to go shimul fuler bagan(Shimul Flower Garden).

By train : 
Besides, if you want to go by train, you have got to go Sylhet at first. The train leaves the Komolapur station of Dhaka at 9:30pm. Shovon Chair will cost  320 Tk. To get the seat, you must book the ticket by going for 2-1 days before casting. You can book the ticket from Online. You'll reach Sylhet at morning. Get on the Birotihin bus from the Kumarga bus stand in Sylhet to go to Sunamganj. Fare is 90 Taka.  It will take 1 to 2 hours.

Where to stay

There is a rest house in Borochar Bazar charging Tk 200-400. Borochora Bazar is next to Barek Tilla .

If you want you can walk from Tekerghat to Borochara Bazar. There is also a limestone factory. You can stay in their guest house if it is empty.

  •  Caretaker of Upazila Dak Banglow: 017244968161
  • Upazila guesthouse, Upazila chairman Anisul Haq should be requested to 01715172238

Apart from this, renting a hotel costs Taka 200 to 1000.

  • Hotel Noor-Eastbazar Station Road Sunamganj
  • Hotel Sarpiniya-Jagannathbari road, Sunamganj
  • Hotel Nurani, Old Bus Stand, Sunamganj
  • Hotel Mizan, Eastern Bazar - Sunamganj
  • Hotel Palace, Old Bus Station, Station Road
  • Surma Valley Residential Resorts

Where to eat

There are some restaurants situated at Barek Tilla, Borochora Bazar and Takerghat bazar. But at the takerghat bazar, there is only one restaurent. There are a number of restaurants in the market of Laurer Gor bazar on the other side of Shimul Bagan. Among them Kadir's Restaurant has the diversity of food items and flavors.

In google map, It's position :

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