(Working) Top 15 Ways to H*ck Facebook Account & How to Secure it - 2018

Hack Facebook Account

Facebook hacking is very common and interesting topic in this days. People want to know how hackers hack facebook account. This is necessary to know because without knowing these things, they won't know How to protect their Facebook ID.

This time a Facebook account is not just for fun, it's part of our life. People want to communicate more in a virtual way, and Facebook helps to do this. They share their secret things in messages. But without proper security, it's a risky thing.

If someone's ID got hacked. Hackers leaked people's secret things anonymously, and sometimes it's harder to trace the hacker.

And the victim harassed and sometimes it's the reason to suicide. Govt also has taken a step to prevent this. They provide law. They make the specialized armed intelligent team to find the hacker.

But before finding a hacker, it's more necessary to Secure their own Facebook ID.

Here I'm gonna show you how hackers hack Facebook ID if you know how hackers do it. you can secure yourself.

And this article is only for awareness purpose only. The author will not responsible for any kind of abuse.

1. Phishing

Phishing is very common hacking technique. And most popular technique. It is considered as human hacking or Social Engineering category of Hacking. In this method, hackers create exact same login page as like Facebook. But when someone login via facebook like website, hackers got username/e-mail and password.
The hacker generally sends phishing link to the victim. And victim thinks that He/She somehow log out from facebook and try to login with username/e-mail and password. 

When victim login through username and password, the hacker got a text file with this information. And victim may be got hacked. 

How to avoid a phishing attack: 
  • When you login Facebook account, make sure it is www.facebook.com.
  • Avoid logging when you see, this is not www.facebook.com
  • Do not trust anyone, Even if He/She is your closest one. 
  • Do not login in device, that usually you don't use.
  • Use Google Chrome browser. This browser able to detect the site is phishing or not. 

2. Keylogger
A keylogger is just a software, that can save what you're typing on your keyboard. And send keystrokes to the hacker via e-mail or any other way.

I consider this technique is a second popular way. Because this is easier.

Generally, Hacker installs keylogger software in victim's device. Keyloggers are available for many types of IOT like Computer (Desktop/Laptop), Android device, And even in iPhones.

Most of the time keylogger works silently, the victim may won't know that their computer has an installed keylogger. You can't find it in your control panel, in your application list.

And sometimes hacker bind the keylogger with other files like video, document, PDF's. When the victim opens the file, keylogger installed automatically, this even doesn't show any notification. 

How to be safe from Keylogger:
  • Use Anti-virus. Most of the anti-virus may trace popular keyloggers.
  • Do not download software from untrusted websites. 
  • Do not download file from untrusted source. 
  • Always scan the file with anti-virus software before opening. 
  • Have a good quality internet security software. 

3. USB Hacking 
Some hackers do USB hacking technique, it's easier and needs a short time to hack. At first, hacker prepares a USB device that contains some software to collect all of your passwords from the computer. 
When hacker physically accessed victims computer, they just insert their Prepared USB drive, within 30 seconds, the hacker gets all of the saved passwords on your computer.

Beside that, another method is, it has extra software that collected passwords sends to hackers e-mail.

How to be safe from USB attack:
  • Do not let anyone insert their USB drive into your Computer.
  • Do not buy USB drive from the untrusted source. 
  • Be aware of USB drive, be ensured what you've inserted your computer. 
4. Saved password from the browser
If someone accessed your computer, it's easy to view saved password from the browser. Most of the Facebook user save their Facebook password in the browser. 
If Hacker physically accessed your desktop, they can open your browser and see your all of your passwords. 

How to be safe from this trick:
  • Do not save your password in the browser.
  • Always use a strong password on your computer that nobody can easily be accessed your device.

5. Sidejacking with Firesheep
The Sidejacking assault went normally in late 2010, be that as it may, it's as yet mainstream logout. Firesheep is broadly used to complete sidejacking. Firesheep work in the same network like LAN or Wifi. A sidejacking assault is essentially another name for HTTP session hijacking, yet it's more focused towards WiFi clients. 

The most effective method to Protect Yourself 

  • Abstain from spilling treats over HTTP.
  • Log off sites when you finished the errands. 
  • Keep away from open WiFi systems.
  • Utilize VPN 
6. Email ID Hacking 
This is the evergreen method to hack Facebook account. The hacker simply needs to get to the associated email id of any Facebook account and can physically reset your Facebook password. 

How to be Safe from Email ID Hacking:

  • Turn on two-step authentication of your Gmail account. Or you may use another e-mail service, just turn on two-step authentication. It's important. Trust me.
  • Use a strong password to your Gmail account. You can use Symbols to make it more complex.
7. Mobile Phone Hacking 
A huge number of Facebook clients get to Facebook through their cell phones. On the off chance that the hacker can access the casualty's cell phone then he can most likely access his/her Facebook account. There are heaps of Mobile Spying programming's utilized to screen a Cellphone. 

How to be safe from Mobile Hacking:

  • Utilize a reliable versatile security and Antivirus program on your cell phone.
  • Do not download mobile apps from untrusted source. Even it Google play store has some Mobile Spy Software. Just be aware. That's it.
  • Uninstall all type of suspicious application.

8. DNS Spoofing 
When you visit a website. At first, your browser sends a request to local DNS, to know that what IP is allotted for your desired domain. If it didn't find anything, then browser request to domain resolver to resolve the domain. The popular domain resolver is, that is controlled by Google.

The hacker does the thing is to manipulate local or network DNS file. And victim may visit facebook.com, but actually, it's not.

How to be safe from DNS Spoofing
  • Configure DNS as safe as possible that may work against cache poisoning.
  • Manage your DNS server carefully.
  • Check DNS that it's not vulnerable.
  • Separate Admin function and working function. 

9. Man In the Middle Attacks 
On the off chance that the casualty and aggressor are on a similar LAN and on a WiFi system, a hacker can put himself between the customer and the server, or he could go about as a default door and thus catching all the activity in the middle. 

How to be safe from Man In the Middle Attacks:
  • Use a Good Quality Internet Security Software.
  • Upgrade your operating system to latest.
  • Use always HTTPS, do not ever use HTTP when to log into somewhere. 

10. Botnets 
Botnets are not usually utilized for hacking Facebook accounts, as a result of its high setup costs. They are utilized to convey further developed assaults. A Botnet is fundamentally a gathering of bargained PCs. The disease procedure is same as the keylogging, notwithstanding, a Botnet gives you extra choices for completing assaults on the traded off PC. Probably the most prominent Botnets incorporate Spyeye and Zeus. 

How to be safe from Botnets:

  • Stay up with the latest. 
  • Utilize solid passwords and keep the mystery. 
  • Never kill your firewall. 

11. Social Engineering 
This is the basic strategy utilized by the hacker with a specific end goal to gather data about casualties as much as he can get from every single conceivable technique. In the event that any casualty utilizes basic passwords like a versatile number, DOB and so on., at that point any great hacker can easily figure the secret word and hack into your record. 

Social Engineering is popularly known as Human Hacking.

How to be Safe from Social Engineering:
  • Never share individual data by means of email, talk detachment, telephone 
  • Stay away from joins from an obscure or suspicious conversation. 

12. Viewing Masked Passwords 
On the off chance that your program spared your Facebook login certifications than any hacker can see your veiled passwords (****). Hacker simply needs to adjust a few changes from examine component in your program. In this way, never leave your PC when it is on the information exchange page. To counteract it, you should never spare your Facebook or other Login qualifications in Your Browser 

14. Hack Facebook account by Session Hijacking
Session Hijacking can be regularly extremely perilous on the off chance that you are getting to Facebook on a HTTP (non-secure) association. In Session Hijacking attack, a hacker takes the casualty's program treat which is utilized to validate the client on a site and utilize it to get to the casualty's record. Session commandeering is broadly utilized on LAN and WiFi associations.

14. Hacking WiFi Network 

There were loads of instructional exercise on the most proficient method to hack WiFi organize. On the off chance that you are one of them who utilize a feeble secret word to set up switch security. At that point, any hacker can hack your WiFi system and capture all your web activity which can give hackers a chance to hack facebook account. 

How to be safe from Wi-fi Hacking:

  • Avoid using public Wifi network. Network owner may able to monitor you.
  • Use a strong password when setting wifi. 
  • Do not make your wifi open.
  • Do not use vulnerable wifi router.

15. Logout 
More often than not, clients never log out Facebook account from their PC. There's nothing more needed than a couple of moments to hit the logout catch. Anybody can get to your Facebook account in the event that you leave your PC while your Facebook account is signed in. In this way try to Logout each time you sign in 

Generally, hackers utilize these techniques to hack facebook account secret word, We shared these routes for security reason. We get various messages every day asking us to how to Hack companions Facebook or E-mail account. On the off chance that your email falls into any of the above classifications, we won't help you.

Final Word: Security is an illusion.

If You have any question or suggestion, feel free to comment.

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  1. If i use two step verification in facebook log in , or use code generate,.. then what happen ?

    1. The purpose of two step verification (Text SMS Based or Code generator) is extra layer of security. When you enable this. Hacker not only need password , they also need the code. That is tough for them, because they don't have physical access to your device. So, this makes your account more secure.


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