Bibichini Shahi Moshjid, Barguna [Travel Guide]

Bibichini Shahi Mosque, Barguna

Bibichini Shahi Mosque is located in Bibichini union, 10 km away from Betagi upazila headquarters of Barguna district. A one-domed mosque standing on the small hilltop. All kinds of trees along with date palm. Talking to the elderly people of the area, in 1659, Hazrat Shah Naraamat Ullah (R) came to Persian from this region to spread the mosque in Bibichini.

The village of Bibichini was named after his daughter, Chini Bibi and Isabibi, and the name of the mosque is named Bibichini Shahi. Mosque The mosque's length is 33 feet, its width is 33 feet, walls are 6 feet wide. Mosques of the mosque are equal to the size of the brick in Mughal period.

The place of the mosque from the plain land is located on 30 feet of hill top. It is also about 25 feet high mosque house. There are 3 graves beside the mosque. Which is totally exceptional religious. The grave is like 3 simple graves, long 15/16 hands.

According to the residents, there is a sleepy sleeper founder of the mosque, Hazrat Shah Niramat Ullah (R :) and his daughter, Chiniibi and Isabibi. It is also known that during the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb, in 1700, Hazrat Shah Niramat Ullah (R :) passed away and he was buried beside the mosque. It is mentioned by the Archeology Department that the mosque has been rectified and it has been reformed.

How to go

If you want to go to Bibicgini, you will have to go to Barguna Sadar by bus or Launch. Buses from Dhaka to Barguna are among the buses:

1. Abdullah Transport, Phone: 01700625809, 0191-242790, 01928137142, 01714667273 (Sayedabad Counter), 01915844526, 01914424687 (Barguna Sadar Counter)
2. Shakura Transport, Phone: 01190658772 (Gabtoli Counter), 017725060033 (Sayedabad Counter)

These buses cost between Tk.300 / - and 500 / -.

Or you can go to Betagir / Barguna by launching Betagir / Barguna directly. These launches leave every 5-6pm. In that case, you have to ride on the launch from Sadarghat in Dhaka.

After reaching Barguna, you can reach the motorcycle or rickshaw after reaching the destination. Even from Barisal, you can go directly to this spectacular place by adding buses.

Where to stay

You have to return to Barguna Sadar to stay. There are many residential hotels and rest houses in Barguna. For your convenience, some hotels and rest house information are given below

1. District Council Rest House (Phone: 0448-6410)
2. Farmhouse Rest House (0448-6449)
3. Water Development Board Rest House (0448-6551)
4. Eaghra Service Center (0448-6708)
5. Department of Public Works (0448-6505)
6. Ilaji de Rest House (0448-6054)
7. Sierpi Rest House (0448-6051)
8. Hotel Alam, Phone: 0448-62234
9. Barguna Rest House, Phone: 01718588856
10. Hotel Tazbin, Phone: 0448-622503

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