Mirzapur Shahi Jame Moshjid, Panchagarh [Travel Guide]

Mirzapur Shahi Mosque, Panchagarh

Mirzapur Shahi Mosque has located at Mirzapur village of Mirzapur union of Atwari Upazila. It is believed that the construction of the Mirzapur Shahi Mosque in the court of Dhaka High Court premises in 1679 was similar to the style of construction. As a result, many people think that the construction of the Mirzapur Shahi Mosque was completed in the contemporary period of the mosque situated at the Dhaka High Court premises.

According to one of the sources, a person named Dost Mohammed finished the construction. There is a plate on the upper side of the central door written in Persian about the construction of the mosque. It is believed that according to the language and script of the pane, it was completed during the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Alam.

The terracotta flower and herbaceous design are engraved on the wall of the mosque. There is a significant feature of the rectangular terracotta design in front of the mosque - there is no similarity to one another, each is separate.

The rectangular mosque built in the Mughal period is 40 feet in length, 24 feet in width. There are three domes in one row, the entrance is three. In the middle of the middle entrance, there is a black paper written on the Persian alphabets. The front is well decorated with terracotta plaques. Draw flowers and spinach on the plaque. The Department of Archeology looks after the mosque. The mastery of the construction style of the mosque still attracts the visitors.

How to go

To see this mosque, you have to go to the Atowari upazila bus station directly from Dhaka. Mirzapur 6 kilometers away from the Aatwari. Mirzapur Shahi Mosque, if it is 1 kilometer away from Mirzapur, rickshaw / vans on the east. Moreover, if you want, Dinajpur Station directly from the Kamalapur Railway Station of the capital Dhaka. Then from Dinajpur, Kismat (Atwari) railway station, 6 kilometers of Atari upazila by bus / rickshaw / vans. Mirzapur 6 kilometers away from the Aatwari. Mirzapur Shahi Mosque, 1 kilometer by Rickshaw / Vans east from Mirzapur. Rickshaw rent mosque up to 15-20 taka.

Where to stay

There are several quality hotels to stay in Panchagarh city. Among them are Hotel Mouchak at Tetulia Road in the city. These hotels are AC / Non AC controlled. They have double, single rooms. And every day for different rooms, rent for 150-600 rupees. Which is within your reach.

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