Padma Resort, Mawa, Munshiganj [Travel Guide]

Padma Resort, Mawa, Munshiganj

The Padma River, situated on the bank of the Padma River of Dhaka Division, is a beautiful and beautiful resort, named Padma Resort. This is an ideal place for those who want to get to the nature and the river near the city's municipalities. The Padma Resort, developed in the wake of the middle of the Padma river, can bring the tranquility of the mechanical life, the ruckus, the noise and air pollution, and above all the busy life of the city.

Padma Resort can be a wonderful place for you with family or friends, chatting with friends. Distance from Dhaka to Padma Resort is only 50 km. It takes about two hours to take time to drive. The Padma Resort has been developed by the Padma River on the side of Louhajang thana of Lauhajang upazila of Munshiganj district.

Total 16 duplex cottages are made with Padma Resort. The name of 12 cottages has been named as 12 months of the name of Bengal and the remaining 4 nominations have been named after the name of Rishu. Keeping that you want to remain silent, the cottages of the whole world, and they start with the name of the Bengali month.

Padma Resort, Mawa, Munshiganj

Each cottage has a large bedroom, two single bedrooms, a drawing room. There are two balconies and a bathroom. Each cottage will have 8 people. The house is made with beautiful leaves as a special attraction. Bamboo and palm tree woods have been used in walls and other places. Duplex is the bottom floor of this cottage with a set of sofa, tables and a single bed, one of the finest fittings on the 1.5-floor, a bathroom with a compound, basin, hidden glass, shower, and a vast verandah for sitting, apart from the second floor, with two single beds, Center center and wardrobe in the middle

Cottage surrounds the colorful swelling of the winter and the state of the water in rainy season. They can count the night at the Easy Chair in the resort courtyard. Day can travel on Padma by boat on domestic boat. Get fresh hilsa at the resort restaurant. Vegetables, cows, chickens and ducks can also be found. Seasonal fruits also match.

What is the Padma Resort?

Outdoor - Outside the Levi's Beach Chair where you can enjoy the beautiful beauty of the river. There are also horses, you can roam this horse and roam.

Restaurants - There are quite a number of decorative restaurants around the resort. There is a seat for 120 people.

River Cruise Arrangement - For those who like to travel to boats, there are several small big boats arranged. Here is a rubber boat that can easily sit for 2-6 people. Speed boats are also here. Another boat is a country boat, it is a little bigger, this boat will be able to get together here 20-25. And those who have haul fishing in the river can also ride a fishing boat. All boats have life jackets.

Sport - Here you can match with your friends if you want to play soccer, beach volleyball, badminton, kite flying, freezeb, even native game hoodoo can also play.
How to book
Before going to the official holidays, you must first book the cottage before going to the holiday. To book in advance, you need to book in the Dhaka office of Padma Resort Booking.

If you want to contact
SM Nazrul Islam
General Manager
Mobile: 01712-170330, 01752-987688
Telephone: 8752617


Cotage rent for the day is 2300 taka (2000 taka + 15% VAT) and for the night of the day, 3450 taka (3000 taka + 15% VAT) for the day.

In the cold water of the river bathing or speedboat (2500 / hour per hour), Sampan boat (per hour 1200 taka) or trawler (per hour 600 taka) can roam the river of the river.

The way to go to Padma Resort

There are many ways to go to Padma Resort. You can go to a bus or a private car. Lauhajang Thana Mosque can be reached directly from Ghat, leaving Golchilan or Hilsa from Gulistan in Dhaka, rent will be Tk. 70 per person. Mirpur 10, Farmgate, Shahbag can go from independent transport at. Others can go up to Mawa Ghat "Great Bikrampur Transport" (Mawa-Gulistan-Mawa) or "Godhuli Paribahan" (Mawa-Gazipur / Jatrabari-Mawa). In the meantime, before going to Mawa Ferryghat, there will be a 15-minute route to the rickshaw or autorickshaw, crossing the intersection of the route going to Louhajang Police Station.

A lot like this: Mawa Ferry Ghat> Louhajang Chaurasta Road> Lohajang Police Camp> Padma Resort.

And there is no word on the car with you. There will be no velocity to know the path. In that case, you will have to pay a total of 60 Toll in two places. There are lots of places in front of the Louhajang Police Station to keep the car. Engine powered boats and speedboats are located in Mosque Ghat next to the Louhojong Police Station. From the Mawa Ferryghat, the resort has its own speedboat directly in the resort.

If you are already in touch with the phone, your engine powered boat will be taken to the resort. In that case, the rent will be Tk 50 per person. Of course, there are two cross-sections on this hike.

Meal arrangement

Padma Resort has a well-equipped restaurant, which is arranged with 20 table chairs, where 200 people can eat in Anaasaya and you can arrange any party including lunch or dinner. Before entering the restaurant, you will need to collect food token from the resort office, 350 taka (300 taka + 15% VAT) per person. In the lunch menu, rice, pulse, hilsa fries (1 piece), chicken meat (big 1 piece), vegetables, salad, but the mineral water will be purchased separately, with a liter of 40 liters, With it you will get soft drink.

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