Shorno Mandir, Golden Temple, Bandarban [Travel Guide]

Swarno Mandir, Bandarban

The location of the Golden Temple at the Pool Para in Balaghat, in the suburb of Bandarban, is known as Mahasukh Mandir or Buddhist Metal Jadi. Although there is no gold ornaments, there are no gods and goddesses made of gold. It is now known for its golden color as the Golden Temple. It is 4 km from Bandarban district headquarters. A beautiful pagoda made of high mountain pebbles.

This is a sacred pilgrimage center for Buddhists. Here many Buddhists from abroad came to pray and pray. The Buddhist Jati (Buddha Dhatu Jadi), one of the largest and most ancient South Asia of Bangladesh, was renamed the Golden Temple. Here are some of the best Buddhist figures in the contemporary times of Gautam Buddha. It was built at a cost of around Tk 10 crore.

This pagoda is one of the best of Southeast Asia. There is a small pond with a water named Pukur on this highway. Currently, the Golden Temple has become one of the tourist attractions of Bandarban district. It is a significant tribal of the Buddhist religions. Its construction style is made in accordance with the Buddhist temples of Myanmar, China and Thailand. You can also see this Jadi or Golden Temple once in Bandarban tour.

From this pagoda, beautiful surroundings of Bandharna and surrounding areas of Bandharna are seen. Besides, Bandarban Radio Station, Bandarban Chandraghona road to Akambakan and sightseeing. This pagoda is a modern religious architecture. Fairs are held every year at specific times. This pagoda is open all day for the worshipers. If you go to see this golden temple, then it will go from 8:30 am to 11.30 in the morning, and if you do not want to go in the morning, you can go between 12:45 pm and 6pm.

Ticket Price: Access Rate: 10 Taka

How to go
First you have to go to Bandarban town. Many transport companies leave the bus to Bandarban every day from various places in Dhaka. You can go to Bandarban riding on one of the buses such as Shyamoli, Hanif, Unique, S Alam, Dolphin. They leave for Bandarban at Kalabagan, Sayedabad or Fakirapul at 10pm or around 11:30 pm. Rs. 550 per house for non AC bus AC 950 Taka

Bandarban can go from Chittagong to Bandarban. Pudali and Purbani Paribahan buses from Baddharhat to Bandarban are settled. These buses are priced at Tk 220 per person.

Then from Bandarban bus station to rickshaw or taxis. Rickshaw takes 30-35 taka and the reserve is Tk 110-130. The car travels from 8am to 10pm.

Transportation Rental
From Dhaka to Chittagong: AC-365-480 Non AC-150-165

Bus from Dhaka to Chittagong: AC-580-790 Non AC-200-250 Taka

Direct bus from Dhaka to Chittagong: 350

Chittagong from Bandarban: Tk 70

Contact For Phone: 0361626695

Where will it be
There are numerous resorts, hotels, motels and resthouses in Bandarban. Where you can spend the night at 600 to 3 thousand taka.

Holiday Inn Resort: Holiday Inn Resort on the small hill top opposite the Cloud Tourist Complex. Here are a few small cottages. Phone 0361-628896

Hillside Resort: Milanchhari located 5 kilometers to the Bandarban-Chimbuk road. Here is the good night's good condition in the environments. Mobile-1556539022

Hotel Four Star: Hotel Forster located in Bandarban town. There are two types of AC and non AC rooms. Every room in the hotel has television. Phone 0361-62466

Hotel Three Star: It is located beside Bandarban bus stop. The Nilgiri car is excluded from the front of this hotel. It can have 8/10 people, a flat of 4 beds. Not every AC flat - 2500, AC - 3000 Booking Phone: One Star owner and owner of Three Star Hotel, Manik Chowdhury-01553421089/018137878731.

Hotel River View: The Hotel River View has been developed in the natural environment surrounding the Sangu River in the district. There is also its own restaurant. Phone 0361-629707

You can stay at the Neolithic Skepp resort if you want. There are six rooms in three cottages on the Neolithic Skepp resort. The rent of each room is Tk 3,000. Besides, the authorities offer good quality food for the guests. Contact: 01777765789.

Hotel Rental
Nilakalak Skaep Resort: 3000 Taka

Tourism Motel: 750 to 2000 taka.

Hotel Four Star: Single-300, Double-600, AC-1200 Taka

Hotel Three Star: Non AC Flat - Rs.2500, AC - 3000

Hotel Plaza Bandarban: Single-400 Taka, Double-850, AC-1200 Taka

There is also a beautiful rest house in the district administration of the Meghla tourism center. Where vacation can be enjoyed well There are four rooms for the night. Every room is 2500 / - (daily). Anyone can call for bookings- 0361-622741 and 0361-62274.

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