Hazrat Shahjalal Mazar, Sylhet [Travel Guide]

Hazrat Shah Jalal (R) Mazar, Sylhet

Hazrat Shahjalal (R) was a famous saint and pir in the subcontinent. He was the olympic shirt Islam spread through Sylhet region. An important incident in history is the attack of King Gaur Govind on the first Muslim of Sylhet Sheikh Burhanuddin and in the context of Hazrat Shahjalal (R) and his traveling companion 360 Awali Sylhet. That is why Sylhet is called 360 Awalis. Some people called Sylhet as the holy land.

Dargah Sharif is a very sacred place for everyone, so it is not used to attract tourists. Because of this, Dargah Hefazatkarai decides who can enter inside the dargah. Many times visitors are turned back to not wearing decent clothes. Therefore, when entering the dargah, you must keep an eye on your clothes.

Gazer fish

Hazrat Shahjalal (ra) dargah (Dargah) has a pond on the north side of the courtyard. There are numerous gazars in this pond. By giving them the knowledge of these fish, they give small fish to the visitors. There is a small fish sale system in the western corner of the pond. There is also a pond in the pond. On December 4, 2003, more than 700 gajar fish were killed in poisoning. As a result the fish in the pond became empty. The dead fishes are buried in the graveyard on the west side of the mosque. After the fish became empty, after the second visit to Hazrat Shahjalal (R), from the shrine of Shah Mustafa (R) of Moulvibazar, on January 11, 2004, 24 gajar fish was brought and pond was released. The number of ponds in the pond is now few hundred.

Jalali Kabutar and Nizam Uddin Auliya

Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya (R) received her recognition of Hazrat Shahjalal (R)'s spiritual power and accepted him. As a beacon of love, he presented him with a pair of surma-colored pigeons or jalali kabutara. The Surma-colored pigeon is now seen in Sylhet and its surroundings, it is known as the descendant of the Kobot couple and Jalali Kabutar. In Sylhet, people do not kill or eat this pigeon, irrespective of religion and caste. Rather, the residents give food and shelter to them. Shajalal's shrine is seen flying in the jhakake kabutara flames daily. The mazar authorities provide food for these pigeons.


There is a small house in the south of the shrine , which is a small hall of stars, which is located in Hazrat Shahjalal's Chillamahala. The space is just two feet wide. It is said that Hazrat Shahjalal spent 23 years of his life in this Chillakhana.

Used goods of Shahjalal (R)

Hazrat Shahjalal was not just a pir, he was a hero Mojahid. His used swords, clogs, plates and bowl visitors to visit. There is an entrance gate through dargah madrasa building on the southern side of dargah. After moving along this path, the left house is Mufti Nazimuddin Ahmad. Hazrat Shahjalal's sword and kharaam have been preserved in this house. The plate and bowl have been stored at the house of Motwali of Dargah. Every day the crowd of eager people gathered to see them.

How to go

Dhaka- Sylhet bus

Buses from Dhaka to Sylhet leaves Buses from Gabtali and Sayedabad bus terminals. The buses depart from morning till 12.45 hours, and leave the buses from Fakirapul, Sayedabad and Mohakhali bus stations in Sylhet. In this way, the AC buses are operated by Green Line Transport, Saudi S Alam Transport, Shyamoli Transport and ANA Paribahan. Rent is from 8th to 1 thousand taka. Besides, Shyamoli Transport, Hanif Enterprise, Unique Service, Non-AC bus passage to Anawa Paribahan went to Sylhet. Rent is from 4 hundred to 4,500 taka. Anawa Paribahan buses left from Mohakhali to Tongi Ghorashal leaving Sylhet.

Sylhet from Dhaka by train

Intercity train Parabat Express leaves Dhaka at Kamalapur Railway Station on Tuesday noon at 6:40 pm except for Tuesday. The Jayantika Express leaving at 2pm on the weekday and the Waban Express leave at 09:50 pm every day of the week except Wednesday. Without the Friday, the Koli Express will leave at 4 pm every afternoon. The rent is Tk 150-1000. If you go to the train at 9.50 pm, you will have to go to the next morning and if you are sleeping on the train in the night then you can start your journey from the train in the morning and take 7-8 hours.

Chittagong-  Sylhet Train

Apart from Chittagong, Monday, 8th and 15th morning, Pahari Express and Udyan Express at 9:45 pm every Saturday without Saturday. Rent 145 to 1 thousand 191. Ticket price: AC berth Rs 698, AC seat 460 taka, first class berth 425 taka, first class seat 270 taka Snegda 460, Sophon Chair 180 Taka, Shovon 150 Taka, Cheap 95 Taka.

Sylhet by Air / Sylhet by plane

Biman Bangladesh, United Air, Regent Air, Novo Air and US Bangla Air Airplanes go to Sylhet's Osmani Airport at Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka.

At Sylhet Railway Station or Kadamtali bus stand, go to the shrine with rickshaw or CNG auto-rickshaw. Rickshaw rent is 20-25, CNG rental is 80-100 taka After reaching the Surma river, it is possible to reach the main city and reach the shrine.

Where to stay

There are many hotels to stay in Sylhet, you can find any kind of hotel according to your needs and capabilities. Some known hotels are - Hotel Hill Town, Gulshan, Darga Gate, Surma, Kaikobad etc. There are many standard rest houses in low rent in the Lala Bazar area. Hotel Anurag - Sink in.

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