Diabari, Uttara, Dhaka [Travel Guide]

Diabari, Uttara, Dhaka (Photo: Muntasir Rassel)

Do not wait to say that the beautiful natural beauty of Dianbari of Uttara 15 Sector in the capital will seduce you. Dibari's natural beauty will take you to a soft state full of pureness. Enjoy the autumn of the day, let's enjoy the soft festoon of Kasful and the white white soft cloud coming out of the cloud. When the sun shines on the west, when the sun shines on Kashful, a strange twitch spreads in the interaction between the two. There is no other way than to enjoy being charmed. As far as the eyes go away, only the kashabas and Kashvan. The vast area is like the beauty of the state of the beauty of the shadow of a whiteness.

Brick wood, the concrete city does not have enough space to breathe a bit. There is a lot of loss of green vegetables in the bay, where there is a lot of missing in the green area. When it comes to Uttara Deybari, the impossible seems to be true. One of the most important tourist attractions of Diabari is the Botagacha. Nowadays, this banyan is often seen in drama. A huge banyan and the road on its side. This banyan tree will also be seen in Dibrabari. This place is now named 'Dia Bari Battala'. In almost no time there was no drama shooting. If luck is good, maybe you can meet with a favorite of your star.

It is quite possible to see a mortuary. It is a branch of the Turag river. There has been an aesthetic connection bridge built there. You can enjoy the beautiful beauty of the painted and curved rivers standing on this bridge. Abandoned boats Fishermen fishing out fishing net. It's a great afternoon to come out with a weird, extraordinary, thrilling and pleasant environment that can bring a loved one to life.

Here, there are paved lakes which have enhanced the beauty of Diabari, for the travel pub. For visitors to make travel more enjoyable, there is a good way to travel around the lake from the boat. Sunshine silence around. After a while, the silence of the flying snake sankai fly plane! A strange beautiful scene. If you want to see the plane flying very near, there will be no better place. The head will be reminded to see the flying plane, lost childbearing.

How to go

From any corner of Dhaka, riding on any bus of Uttara (Route), you will have to go to the house-building bus stand. There you can see in the front of Northtwar and Mascot Plaza, waiting rickshaw to go to Dia Bari. If you do not want to rickshaw, then you can get to the Leguna. Leguna will drop you directly into the Diyabari bottala. Leguna Rent 30 per person (on festival days). And there are 80 to 100 taka for the rickshaw festival festival day.

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