Durga Sagar Dighi, Barisal [Travel Guide]

Durga Sagar Dighi, Barisal. Photo Akib Jaber

"Durgasagor Dighi is located in Babuganj in Barisal, situated at Barisal (Barisal) Bhaya Banaripara Nesarabad road. In 1780 AD, King Shivnarayan, the then King of Chandradvu, dug a large dighi to the residents of the area to solve the problem of water. The name of his mother Durga Dave was named Durgasagar In addition to the Department of Archeology preservation, Durgasagar is under maintenance District Administration is performing the responsibility of the Durgasagar, on the hills of Durgasagar, at the center of Ghatla and Dighi, on the middle of 60% of the land is one of the attractions of Durgasagar, the beauty of this islands in the middle of the Durgasagar .. Durgasagar Dighi of 2500 hectares is considered as a sea, this elevation is an island. When the dargah wave rises, and the small waves of the shore, the tree shade of the tree.

In the dry season of winter and spring season, the dighi shores make people lively by the people - all the time of the day. Walking on a paved road around the dighi, a new dimension of recreation finds urban dwellers living in brick cities. And to the residents of the village of Chinchaina, find the dighies in the rural areas of self-discovery. The surroundings of the trees are transparent waters north of the dighi, there is a paved large gorge. The green belt was planted around the cottage, coconut, betel nut, baby, mahogany etc., which is now increasing the density of the dighi.

In the Durgasagar, there is a gathering of guest birds. Due to the thousands of birds of five species in Kolkata, the lighthouse is wet in winter. Several species of birds, along with Sarail and Balhans, took shelter in the mound in the middle of the dighi. Swim lamps are transparent, crystal water. Sometimes the winters of light rain shake in the sky and spread the wings in the sky.

Traditional Durgasgar, excavated two and a half hundred years ago. If there were enough floating bridges for the rest of the rest house and birds for the rest of the tourists, and for the construction of the sanctuary, the floating bridges with the board for the rest of the tourists were coming here every year thousands of foreign tourists visited. Through this, the revenue of the government increased. It was possible to be saved alongside this ancient art. Luktia Zamindar's house is also known as a tourist spot. The Lukutia zamindar house is 300 years old.

How to go

Barisal by bus or by road

By road you can reach Barisal from Dhaka to 6 to 8 hours. Every bus has left Barisal from Gabtali Bus Terminal for 6 to 10pm every day. Most of the buses cross the Paturia Ghat to Barisal and some buses cross the Mawa Ghat to Barisal. Buses coming from Dhaka stops at the Nijulabad bus stand of Barisal.

Buses from Dhaka to Barisal are among the buses

Shakura Transport, Phone: 01190658772, 01772556677
Eagle Transport, Phone: 0-9006700
Hanif Transport, Phone: 01713049559

Bus hire

AC bus rental: 700 / -
Rent of non AC bus: 500 / -
Local bus fares: Tk 250 to Tk 300 / -

Barisal by sea route or launch

Barisal launches from Dhaka depart from Sadar Ghat between 8am and 9pm. Of these, beautiful forests 7/8, Survi 8, Parabat 11, Kirtankhola 1/2 launches are good. The launch reached Barisal at around 5am.

Launch Rentals

Deck rental is 150 taka, double cabin 1600, VIP 4500.

This midbasha is just 12 km away from Barisal district town. Durga Sea Dighi will fall on the way to Chakra from Barisal. From the Launchghat, you can walk away with a battery-powered laguna. Or you can get on the bus to go to Chakra. You will get down the gate to the gate, you will.

Where to stay

Dakbungalow of the district council is in adjacent to the Ghat in Westpara. Travelers can spend the night here if they wish to spend the night in the pavilion on the moonlight night. Besides, you can return to Barisal. There are several residential hotels to stay in Barisal.

Hotel Paradise to International, Phone: + 88-01717072686, + 88-01724853590
Hotel Grand Plaza, Phone: + 88-01711357318, + 88-01917458088
Hotel Athena International, Phone: + 88-0431-65109, + 88-0431-6523
Hotel Hawk International, Phone: + 88-01718587698

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