Guthia Moashjid, Mosque, Barisal [Travel Guide]

Guthia Moshjid, Mosque, Barisal. Photo: H M Mahmudul

The location of Guthia village in Ujirpur upazila of Banaripara road, 22 kilometers southwest of Barisal town. Ujirpur Upazila started the road ahead of Barisal-Banaripara road. The village of Guthaar Chaguriya on the side of the road. The village has a large gutta mosque in the southern part of Bangladesh (Guthia Baitul Aman Jame Masjid Complex). On 16 December 2003, a resident of Guthia Union of Wazirpur Education and Political Persona S. In the presence of Sarfuddin Ahmmed Santu Changuuriya, in front of his house, the construction of the Gathia Baitul Aman Jame Mosque-Eidgah Complex, started by building a foundation stone of about 14 acres of land. During the period of 3 years, it was in charge of implementing the construction work. Sarfuddin's younger brother Mohammad Aminul Islam Nipu In 2006, he completed the construction of the said Jami Mosque-Eidgah Complex. During his construction period, he completed a large mosque-tower, a 20,000-capacity Eidgah Maidan, orphanage, a dakbungalow construction, parking in the parking lot, parking of various types of tree plantations including lake pond, flower gardening and lighting system. According to the authorities concerned, about 2, 10 thousand construction workers were working in the construction work. Later, the mosque was named after Guthia. Mr. Sarfuddin Ahmed, the businessman of Changuria village, spent the construction cost. Large pond on the right side of the complex of the complex. Mosque on the west side of pond. The height of the mosque in the mosque is 193 feet.

The pillar of the mosque has been made from the earth's holy places and the water of Zamzam. The places where the soil has been collected are Kaba Sharif, Arafah's Maidan, Mudalifah, Maidan Mina, Jabal Noor Hill, Jabal Sur-Hill, Jabal Rahmat Hill, Nabijir's Birthplace, Mother Hawa's Graveyard, Mercy of Masjid, Masjid al-Quba, Ohud The battlefield, Hazrat Hamza (R)'s shrine, Mosque al-Qibalatine, Hazrat Abu Bakar (R), Jannatul Baki, Mosque Nawabi, Zulhulifa-Mikat, Major Pir Hazrat Mosque Abdul Kader Jilani (RH) 's handwriting and two paisa found in the mausoleum and the shrine of Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti (rah).

How to go

Barisal on the bus or by road

By road you can reach Barisal from Dhaka to 6 to 8 hours. Every bus has left Barisal from Gabtali Bus Terminal for 6 to 10pm every day. Most of the buses cross the Paturia Ghat to Barisal and some buses cross the Mawa Ghat to Barisal. Buses coming from Dhaka stops at the Nijulabad bus stand of Barisal.

Buses from Dhaka to Barisal are among the buses

Shakura Transport, Phone: 01190658772, 01772556677
Eagle Transport, Phone: 0-9006700
Hanif Transport, Phone: 01713049559

Bus rental

AC bus rental: 700 / -
Rent of non AC bus: 500 / -
Local bus fares: Tk 250 to Tk 300 / -

Barisal by sea route or launch

Barisal launches from Dhaka depart from Sadar Ghat between 8am and 9pm. Of these, beautiful forests 7/8, Survi 8, Parabat 11, Kirtankhola 1/2 launches are good. The launch reached Barisal at around 5am.

Launch Rentals

Deck rental is 150 taka, double cabin 1600, VIP 4500.

If you get to any of the buses going to Swarupkati from Barisal, you can get to Guthia mosque. Apart from this, from the Nuhulabad area of Barisal Sadar, Mahindra will be able to reach every 30 rupees per vehicle and reach the mosque in front of the mosque. Or leave the bus from Nathulbad bus stand in Barisal to Banaripara after 15 minutes. It costs Tk 14 to go to the mosque.

Where to stay

There are several hotels to stay in Barisal. Some hotel information is provided below for your convenience

Hotel Paradise to International, Phone: + 88-01717072686, + 88-01724853590
Hotel Grand Plaza, Phone: + 88-01711357318, + 88-01917458088
Hotel Athena International, Phone: + 88-0431-65109, + 88-0431-6523
Hotel Hawk International, Phone: + 88-01718587698

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