Madhobkundo Jhorna, Waterfall, Sylhet [Travel Guide]

Madhobkundo Jhorna, Waterfall, Sylhet

Madhobkundo Jhorna which is known as the high waterfowl of Bangladesh. The location of this beautiful scenic waterfall in Baralekha in Moulvibazar district of Sylhet division. Once upon a time, natural waterfall was meant for tourists by Madhobkundo. There are many more fountains found in the country. But still the attraction of the waterfall fans is the main attraction of Madhubkunda Jhorna. The tourist houses and restaurants of the Bangladesh Tourism Corporation have been constructed at this place known at home and abroad as a tourist center. Besides, Madhubkunda Ecopark is being built around the entire area under the government initiative.

The mountain which is rolling down on the mountain is full of stones which are known as the Patharia hills (Fata: Adam Isle Hills). The rhyme has a large part of it. Gangaamara flowing over this hill. This rhythm has fallen down in Madhobkundo due to the fall in Madhobkundo. In other words, the Ganges flooded under the influence of water, [12 October 1999], falling below 162 feet high, is spread through Madhobchhara. Generally, a main stream of water is always read, when the rainy season arrives, another small section is formed next to the main stream, and in the rainy season, two fissures are mixed together, so that the water tightens. To read this huge section of the water was created under the great dungeon. This Madhavchhara's water is flowing west towards Hakaluki haor. There is another 15-minute walk from Madhobkundo Jharna, which is known as Parikunda Jharna.

On the way to Madhobkundo Fountain, there will be a sky-high teak garden in high hills. Layer's footpieces and zam cultivation of Khasiyad folding Near the Madhobkundo Waterfall, there are orange garden, tea, lemon, betel leaf and paan garden. As a result, if you visit Madhobkundo, you can easily turn around in these gardens.

Best time to visit Madhobkundo

The rainy season is good for Madhobkund. During this time, the fountain is full of water.

How to go

From Sylhet to Kamalapur and Cantonment Railway Station leaving three trains daily for Sylhet. The trains include jayantika, parabat, the jungle Train fares can vary from 120 to 700 taka. It will take 7-8 hours. Going to the train at 10 pm is the best time to visit the bus. The Kulaura arrives at 5.00 in the morning. The distance between Kulaura and Madhobkundo is 35 km, you can go directly from Madhobkundo by CNG Reserve from here. Rent will be 250-300 taka.

Take a train schedule here
(Bangladesh Railway / Train Time Schedule)

You can also go to the bus. There are many buses to live on the bus. Among them, Shyamoli, Ruposhi Bangla, Hanif, Sohag, Ana, Unique, are notable. There are also a number of more different buses, which serve less passengers on lesser fares. You will get these buses from 1am to 1pm. It takes 4 to 5 hours to get to the bus. Non AC 300/350 Taka AC 900 Taka Just before the bus at Baralekha directly on the bus to "Kathaltoli". Madhobkundo is not far from here. But if you want to reach the top of Madhobkundopeak, then you must take CNG or rickshaw from here. If it is available to the public, the CNG will cost 15-20 rupees, and if you rent the whole, you will get around 100 rupees.

If you want to fly by air, you will have to travel from Sylhet to United Airways Flight 4H-0511 from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport and go to Sylhet on a public bus to Moulvibazar. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Robi Weeks can be done on the Dhaka-Sylhet route for four days. Rent 3000 Taka Contact: 8932338, 8931712.

Where to stay

There are two bungalows and two residential hotels in the district council.

Besides, you can stay in Sylhet or Moulvibazar city if you wish. There are many hotels to stay in Sylhet, in Sylhet you can find any kind of hotel according to your requirements and affordability. Some known hotels are - Hotel Hill Town, Gulshan, Darga Gate, Surma, Kaikobad etc. There are many standard rest houses in low rent in the Lala Bazar area. Hotel Anurag - Single room for 400 rupees (two can stay in Aramas), room for 500 rooms (Normal can accommodate 4). Dargah Road has various quality residential hotels for the night. Room rent up to 500 / - taka up to 5000 / taka

Hotel Rose View (0821-721439) at the Shahjalal suburb of the city.
Hotel Star Pacific (0821 727945) at Darga Gate.
Hotel Hilton (0821-716077) at VIP Road
Hotel Metro International (0821-7111143) in the port city.
Hotel Fortuna Garden (0821-715590) in Nayarpur.
Hotel Dallas on the Jail Road (0821-720945)
Hotel Garden on Link Road (0821-814507).
Hotel Palash at Amarkhan (0821-718309)
Hotel Dargaigaon (0821-717066) in Darga area
Hotel Urmie (0821-714563).
Hotel Moon Light at Zindabazar (0821-714850).
Gulshan center (0821717118) etc. in Taltala

Where to eat

There is a restaurant in Madhobkundo, there are lots of quality restaurants. The price will be a little more. So it would be best if you take food from the outside. There are also three very good eating hotels in Zindabadar for returning to Sylhet town. Hotels are five brothers, water and palanquin. There are about 29 types of bhana in them.

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