Moynamoti War Cemetry, Comilla [Travel Guide]

Moynamoti War Cemetry, Comilla

Moynamoti War Semetry, whose name is Commonwealth Cemetery. It is known to the local people as the English graveyard. There are 737 soldiers in World War II lying here Of these, 24 Japanese war prisoners and 1 civilian. Although it is called an English graveyard in the local language, it is actually lying down here that Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists. Brigadier's status has been buried here from the general soldier who died after being killed in the second world war and wounded in the war. Tipara Bazar of Comilla Cantonment, situated on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, 5 kilometers west of the city of Comilla (Comilla). The second Commonwealth Cemetery in Bangladesh is located in Bangladesh, four acres of natural beauty, on the left side of the Comilla-Sylhet road between Tipper Bazar and Mainamati. The other Commonwealth troops buried in the city, Badshah Mia Chowdhury Road in Chittagong. There are 755 soldiers in the tomb.

When is open
Apart from the two days of Eid, the war graveyard is open from 7am to 12pm every day and from 1pm to 5pm.

How to go:

Comptroller of Tisha (01731217322), coastal (01981002322, 01981002942) from Sayedabad, BRTC (01770493775) from Kamalapur or Asia Line transport. Tipara Bazar of Comilla Cantonment adjacent to Dhaka-Chittagong highway 5 km west of Comilla city. The second Commonwealth Cemetery in Bangladesh is located in Bangladesh on four acres of natural beauty on the left side of the Comilla-Sylhet road in the middle of Tippera Bazar and Mainamati Sahib market. Coming from Comilla City bus or CNG can be added.

Where to stay

There are several hotels and guest houses, including Comilla Club, Comilla City Club, and here. There are all types of AC or non AC arrangements. The cost of each night will be between 1 thousand and 3 thousand taka. Besides, there are hotels Chandrima, Hotel Sonali, Hotel, Shalban, Hotel, Nidrabab, Ashik Rest House etc. Rent between 200 to 600 rupees.

Ashiq Residental Rest House - Address: 186, Nazrul Avenue, Comilla, Contact: 68781
Hotel Abedin - Address: Station Road, Comilla, Contact: 76014
Hotel Nurjahan - Address: Dhaka-Chittagong Highway, Comilla, Contact: 68737
Hotel Sonali - Address: Kandirpar Chattar, Comilla, Contact: 63188

There is also a bird near the Shalvan Buddhist Vihara. You can also stay there in the bird contact.

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