Porikunda Jhorna, Waterfall, Sylhet [Travel Guide]

Parikunda Jhorna, Waterfall, Sylhet

Surrounding Madhabkunda, the lake of Parikunda attracts everyone. If the place of travel is very close to nature, then there is no word. Parikunda Jharna is situated near Madhabkunda Falls in Barlekha Upazila of Moulvibazar district. 'Madhabkund' waterfalls are known to everyone at least. But there is another waterfall near it, that many may not know. The name of the local people is Parikunda Jhorna. This place is surrounded by green mountains, it attracts everyone. Parikunda is a bit lonely than Madhobkunda Fountain. Various species of trees are covered around it. Around 150 feet high, rocky hillside steeped in steep hillside. The tides rolled down in small and big stones, and the streams mixed with a big spread. Situated on a large stone, the scenic scenes of waterfall can be enjoyed very close. If desired, spread of clear water can also be taken away for bath. Those who want to visit Madhabkund, they can come to see Parikunda if they want.

The best time to visit Parikunda
The best time to visit Porikundo Jhorna is the rainy season. During this time, the fountain is full of water.

How to go Parikunda

From Sylhet to Kamalapur and Cantonment Railway Station leaving three trains daily for Sylhet. The trains include jayantika, parabat, the jungle Train fares can vary from 120 to 700 taka. It will take 7-8 hours. Going to the train at 10 pm is the best time to visit the bus. The Kulaura arrives at 5.00 in the morning. The distance between Kulaura and Madhabkunda is 35 km, you can go directly from Madhavkund by CNG Reserve from here. Rent will be 250-300 taka.

You can also go to the bus. There are many buses to live on the bus. Among them, Shyamoli, Ruposhi Bangla, Hanif, Sohag, Ana, Unique, are notable. There are also a number of more different buses, which serve less passengers on lesser fares. You will get these buses from 1am to 1pm. It takes 4 to 5 hours to get to the bus. Non AC 300/350 Taka AC 900 Taka Just before the bus at Baralekha directly on the bus to "Kathaltoli". Madhavkund is not far from here. But if you want to reach the top of Madhavkund peak, then you must take CNG or rickshaw from here. If it is available to the public, the CNG will cost 15-20 rupees, and if you rent the whole, you will get around 100 rupees.

If you want to fly by air, you will have to travel from Sylhet to United Airways Flight 4H-0511 from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport and go to Sylhet on a public bus to Moulvibazar. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Robi Weeks can be done on the Dhaka-Sylhet route for four days. Rent 3000 Taka Contact: 8932338, 8931712.

Road to Madhabkund, passing the ticket and passing the main gate. Shivamandir on the side of his left side and on the left side of the walk. On the contrary, a new staircase was made with the road. Madhubkund's main rhyme with the steps down. And the stereotype of the rhythm spreading straight 10 to 15 minutes walks perikunda waterfalls. There is no reason to fear. The spreading of the feet only wet the pane. The stones stacked down but slippery. This condition has been created due to Shawla accumulation. So you have to step down carefully. There is a restroom in the two chambers of the district council to visit nearby Madhabkund and Parikunda. It is to be booked at least seven days in advance.

Where to stay

There are 2 bungalows and 2 residential hotels in the district council of Madhubkund.

Besides, you can stay in Sylhet or Moulvibazar city if you wish. There are many hotels to stay in Sylhet, in Sylhet you can find any kind of hotel according to your requirements and affordability. Some known hotels are - Hotel Hill Town, Gulshan, Darga Gate, Surma, Kaikobad etc. There are many standard rest houses in low rent in the Lala Bazar area. Hotel Anurag - Single room for 400 taka (two can stay in Aramas), room for 500 rooms (Normal can accommodate 4). Dargah Road has various quality residential hotels for the night. Room rent up to 500 / - taka up to 5000 / taka

Hotel Rose View (0821-721439) at the Shahjalal suburb of the city.
Hotel Star Pacific (0821 727945) at Darga Gate.
Hotel Hilton (0821-716077) at VIP Road
Hotel Metro International (0821-7111143) in the port city.
Hotel Fortuna Garden (0821-715590) in Nayarpur.
Hotel Dallas on the Jail Road (0821-720945)
Hotel Garden on Link Road (0821-814507).
Hotel Palash at Amarkhan (0821-718309)
Hotel Dargaigaon (0821-717066) in Darga area
Hotel Urmie (0821-714563).
Hotel Moon Light at Zindabazar (0821-714850).
Gulshan center (0821717118) etc. in Taltala

Where to eat

Due to the same place in Parikunda and Madhavkund, you will find the convenience of eating at the Madhavkunda Fountain, which is a restaurant of high quality. The price will be a little more. So it would be best if you take food from the outside. There are also three very good eating hotels in Zindabadar for returning to Sylhet town. Hotels are five brothers, water and palanquin. There are about 29 types of bhana in them.

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