Jol jongoler Kabbo, Pubail, Gazipur [Travel Guide]

Jol Jongoler Kabbo, Gazipur, Photo: Chitrogolpo

A Jol Jongoler Kabbo resort located in Tangir Pubail of Gazipur district, which is known to many as a pilot house. The natural one touches the natural beauty of the designer and made it more natural. If you want to see a glimpse of water from the jungle poetry The light of the johnana on the bill will give you a different feeling. There will be no better place to travel around for a short amount of time. Sit down with natural vegetation and calm bills for 1 day. You will rarely have a better place to come to Dhaka than to come in one day.

Before going missing those who want to touch for a few days, green green, fish are not seen, but they want to sit in their hands. It is said that the dream of a non-discriminatory man was organized, at a distance of about 90 bighas of land in Pubail, a small village was built. Bamboo and jute fencing, above the roof of the roof, the water in front of the horizon, spread out in the water. It is not a modern place, but it is clean and a shade of village-Bengal.

To adapt to the environment of water jungle (Jol Jongoler Kabbo) environment. Its houses are bamboo fencing. Foods made from vegetables, vegetables and rice are made from their own land. Fishes are also caught from the bill. In the morning many people remember the trick bread. Resort staff are professional, but not commercial.

Jol O Jongoler Kabbo Resort, Gazipur
Here are 3,000 taka for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cost may seem a little too much. But if you see food, it will not be remembered. For the whole day 1500 rupees per month (morning breakfast, lunch and snack in the afternoon). Children (5-10 years), Workman and Driver - 600 paisa per person.

Phone Number - 01919782245 (M. Kamrul) or 01919782245

Jol jongoler Kabbo recipes are very good food items - rice, pulse, pulses with chicken, chicken meat, rui fish, crushed fish, ketchukki with toddel, potato bharta, dal bharta, dense pulses and many more items.

In the morning breakfast, chitai paste, molasses, luchi, meat, fried rice, curry leaves

There are 10/12 variety of items available in lunch. Thick rice rice, polao, chicken sesame, small fish and kokumukhi ghee with talk, domestic rui fish, 3 types of pulses, a few types of bharta and vegetables.

How to go

Get to the bus from Mohakhali to Narsingdi or Kaliganjj. Read 1 hour later in Pubail College Gate area of Gazipur. Rent 40 taka Then a pilot home made by a battery-powered rickshaw. If you come back, open the gate. But there must be a booking before.

Or go to Shibbari from Sayedabad, Gulistan, Azimpur, Mohakhali to Gazipur Transport, Dhaka Transport, VIP Transport and Balaka Transport in Dhaka. Rent 70 Taka Bhaban (Isali) Jol jongoler Kabbo, from Shibbari to Autorickshaw. Rent 80-100 taka

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