Rema Kalenga Reserve Forest, Habiganj [Travel Guide]

Rema Kalenga Reserve Forest, Habiganj

Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary is a protected forest in Bangladesh and Wildlife Sanctuary located in Chunarughat upazila of Habiganj district of Sylhet division. It is a dry and evergreen forest and after the Sundarbans, Bangladesh's largest natural forestland. It is also the country's second largest wildlife sanctuary and the most affluent forests in the country with its biosphere and vegetation. The size of Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary is 1795.54 hectares. Some of the natural forest areas of Bangladesh still remain in good standing, Rema-Kalenga is one of them.

After entering the forest, it will be an amazingly beautiful lake. The surroundings of the lake are so natural that it does not seem to be artificial. It has been made to meet the demand of wild animals. There is a watch tower beside the lake. If you want to go to the tower. The whole forest is completely different from the forest. Just as far as the eyes are visible, the impenetrable jungle will be visible only. This sanctuary has 638 species of plants, trees, leaves and leaves. Among the important plants are - Awal, Segun, Crank, Neur, Hargaza, Gandharai, Hariqki, Bera, Jam Digur, Kathal, Chamkathal, Kawa, Kadam, Ratra, Chikarashi, Chapaliish, Nim, Banmala etc.

There are 7 species of amphibians, 18 species of reptiles, 167 species of birds. Notable birds are Bimaraj, Hari Manna, Kao Dhanesh, Banmoor, Phota Kanti Satvarna, Shyama, Shalik, Shumuk Khawri, Tuntuni etc. There are 37 species of naturally occurring species. Among them, notable blacksmiths, white wildspeeds, monkeys, Hanuman, mouthpieces, Hanuman, rabbits, small deer, meatballs, meatballs, bunkukur, ramkutta etc. If you are fortunate, you will find all kinds of animals. The effect of a different world will float in front of your eyes.

Rema Kalenga Reserve Forest
Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary consists of half an hour, one hour and three hours three trails or paths. Beautiful and arranged like every photo. Inside the sanctuary there is a very high observation tower. The head of the tower pierced the head of the high pebbles and peeped into the sky. Standing there, it is seen in the forest's far-distant scenery. Under the tower there is a lake with zigzag.

The lifestyle of the indigenous communities of Bangladesh can also be seen here. There are four indigenous communities within the Rema-Kalenga Forest. The Tripura community has a few neighborhoods within the forest. There are also resident of Santal, Telugu and Ving Adivasis.

When will you go

There may be difficulty running on both roads in the monsoon season, which is quite muddy.

How to go

In Rema-Kalenga Sanctuary, you can go to two different ways. Shayestaganj will be traveling from Dhaka to Sylhet or on the train. From here there will be the auto-rickshaw pulling Kalanga. Savestaganj rent at buses 250 to 300 taka.

Interstate train submarine express to stop at Shayestaganj. Without this train, leave this train at 10 pm every day of the week. Rent 120 to 673 taka Kalyangara Baby Texi rent from Shayestaganj ranged between Tk 500 and Rs. 600.

Another way to go to Kailanga is: Srimangal from Dhaka bus or train. From here, Kalinga is riding on the jeep. If you are from Srimangal, it will be good to walk in the jungle.

Srimangal is accessible from Dhaka to the road and railway. Hanif Enterprise, Shyamoli Transport, Hanif Enterprise, and transportation etc. from Fakirapul and Saidabad of Dhaka are located in Srimangal. Rent ranges from 350 to 350 rupees. Intercity train Parabat Express leaves Dhaka at Kamalapur Railway Station on Tuesday noon at 6:40 pm except for Tuesday. Jayantika Express on weekends at 2 pm. Apart from Wednesday, the Waban Express leaves at 9:50 pm every night of the week. Without the Friday, the Koli Express will leave at 4 pm every afternoon. Rent 115 to 765 Apart from Chittagong, the Pahari Express leaves at 8:15 am every morning except Monday. Udayan Express at 9:45 pm every Saturday without Saturday. Rent 140 to 943 taka.

From Srimangal to Kalinga zip rent two to three thousand taka. There may be difficulty running on both roads in the monsoon season, which is quite muddy.

Where to stay

The forest department's restroom has to stay in Kailanga. Sylhet divisional forest officials will need permission to stay there. However, the best way to stay in this place is the Nissas Tariff Hill Cottage (01731977807). Director of Abdur Rahman Lashu Rema-Kalenga Wildlife Sanctuary is located on the main entrance of the house, there are eight rooms in three rooms of this cottage. The big two rooms are rented for one thousand rupees and the rent of Tk. The cost of refresh food is Rs.200 per person. And breakfast 60 paisa

Besides, Habiganj can stay at Hotel Sonaratari, Hotel Amad (Amir Chan Complex) in the city. Rent will cost 800-2500 taka Apart from this, 5 star resort palaces in Bahubal upazila (rental is 7000-15000 taka).


Must be guided by the journey in Rema-Kalenga Sanctuary. Guide - Abdur Rahim (01741144174) or Perth Sarthi (0171982162).

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