Tanguar Haor, Sunmaganj [Travel Guide]

Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj , Photo : Redwan Rifath

Tongaur Haor is one of the largest group of water mahalals in Bangladesh. A haor of rich water of Mitha water in the zodiac sign of Dharmapasha in Sunamganj district and Tahirpur upazila on the northeast side of Bangladesh is the second ramsar area of Bangladesh, the first is Sundarban. Khasia of Meghalaya in India, a huge house of birds, birds and other aquatic animals, tangyar haired fish, birds and other life-colored animals, decorated with rows of hijal-corks on the foothills of Jainta hills. Currently, total jalmohal number 51 and total area of 6, 912.20 acres. However, along with ridge forests, Hijal cork forest, in the rainy season, the area of the whole haor area is approximately 20.000 acres. In the rainy season it is completely submerged in water, but the water in the winter is decreasing. A large part of it then dried up.

Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj , Photo : Redwan Rifath
Tanguar haor is rich in nature's untimely nature. A haor is not the only place to preserve, preserve and retain a waterfall or fish. This is a Mother Fishery. Hassal Karachi's eye is in the hands of a beautiful woman. Apart from this, there are more than two hundred species of trees, including Rivers, Dilli, Blue Shapla, Panafl, Shola, Helancha, Asparaguli, Shitalpati, Sunlata, Bantuli etc. At present, there are small 141 species of 208 species of birds, 1 species of amphibians, 34 species of reptiles, 6 species of turtles, 7 species of lizards and 21 species of snakes. The ravaged forest has increased several times. In the winter season, all records of the past were broken and tanguar haor was flowing into the wider bird's place. Extinct Palaisse Eagle, Large Gray-Kingstead, Sokun, and a large number of guest birds were the unforgettable scenes of Tanguar haor. Local varieties of birds such as pakauri, kaleem, vaidar, dahooque variety, balhhas, gangchil, bak, cranes etc. are also wonderful. It is estimated that 20/25 lakh birds in Tangua haor were present in each of the last winter season. In some places, only birds have been found floating around more than a kilometer area. Tangua haor is a unique ecosystem relating to fishes and plants. It is the most important as a sanctuary of fish.

The two largest bird sanctuaries of the Tanguari Haor are the leucreamara and the exterior beriberia. Beautiful elephant elephant right in the middle of the haor of Tanguar There are billions around it. Most of the elephants in the winter dry up in the winter. It is said that during the British rule, the name was given to the English as it used to come to the field in the dry field.

How to go

Tanguar Haor, Sunamganj , Photo : Redwan Rifath
First you have to go to Sunamganj district town. Travel from Dhaka to Sunamganj on the way. Shyamoli transport from Sayedabad, Hanif Enterprise, Enna Transport, Mamun Paribahan's non-AC bus goes to Sunamganj. Rent AC from 500 to 500 rupees From the Sunamganj bus stand to the Sahebbazar ghat rickshaw. In the rainy season, the city's boatboat will go directly to Tangua by adding an engine boat or a speedboat. Engine boats take 5 hours and speed boats take 2 hours. In that case, the cost of the engine boat is between Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 3,000 / - and Spidi Bond costs between Rs. 7,500 / - to 8,000 / -. If you rent a boat for two or three days, take the necessary market.

Or before sunamganj city, from shurma bridge to liguna or motorbike to go to Tahirpur or Solaimanpur. But it is better to go to Solaimanpur in February. Because navigability decreases at Tahirpur's Baulai river in Solaimanpur.

Where to stay

Private arrangements have no arrangements for the night in Tanguar Haor, but 3km north-east of the government management can be placed at the rest house of Tekerghat Chunapathar mine project. In the summer, the city's farewell house crosses the Ghat and the motorcycle from first to the other side is to go to Sreepur Bazar / Dump Market. Rent 200 Taka From there it is possible to visit Tangya in the rented boat. In this case, the cost of rent may be 300-400 / -

Also, hotel (hotel) will be rented for staying in Sunamganj from 200 rupees to 1000 rupees.

Hotel Noor-Eastbazar Station Road Sunamganj
Hotel Sarpiniya-Jagannathbari road, Sunamganj.
Hotel Nurani, Old Bus Stand, Sunamganj
Hotel Mizan, Eastern Bazar - Sunamganj
Hotel Palace, Old Bus Station, Station Road
Surma Valley Residential Resorts

Some phone numbers required:
Fazlu Bhai (Majhi) - 01719659445
Haldu Bhai (owner of trawler) - 01741248761
Qayyum (Dak Bungalow, Tahirpur) - 01736447476

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