Andharmanik, Bandarban [Complete Tour Guide]

The intrinsic term is Andharmanik(The Blind Jewell). This natural beauty can be seen with your own eyes and its vastness. It is located in Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district after the Boro Madok.
Andhar Manik, Bandarban, Credit: Travellers from Bangladesh(FB Group)

Because of the absence of any army or BGB camp after the Boro Madok, security is not allowed to go here often. The main attraction of Andharmanik is Naresa Jhiri. The two sides of the jhiri are about 60/70 feet of stone walls parallel to the distance.

It seems that someone has been made by welding. A strange creation is this athleticism. Because of the low light of the sun, the place is always dark. So Andharmanik (Blind Jewell) means we understand this place.

How to go: 

First to go to Bandarban from Dhaka. Rent non AC 620 Taka AC 850 taka Bandarban to Thanchi bus fares are worth 200 takas. The trawler reserve going from Thanchi to inhaling will take 10,000 takas.

 However, the Boro Madok depends on going to the underarm on the permission of the BGB camp. If you take four days, you can see it better. In order to go to the blind jwel, first you have to go to Bandarban police station, there will be three drop in boat, Remakri will be left far and wide.

The name of the next place in Remakri is a big drink Its local name is Murong Wai. Here there is a neighborhood named Murong Wai. The distance from the Boro Madok to the river path is eight kilometers. After that, the dark world of mysterious beauty is inhumane.

Longer side of the river, on the other side of the river, the wall of the mountain was reduced to the depth of the water. The sun's light penetrates through the high mountains of the hill and rarely occurs. So the name of this place is indigenous which has been leaked. Myanmar border from the leaky near the border.

Where to eat

You can take food in Remakri. In choto madok and boro madok, you have to cook.

Where will it be

There are some guest houses in the remakri. In choto madok and boro madok, you can stay in indigenous people's homes.

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