Baklai Jhorna, Bandarban [Complete Tour Guide]

The most familiar village of Kakrudong to the village of Tajingdong, Baklai, famous for Shelter / Camping. This Baklai has been known for many years. The biggest reason for this is the Army camp which ensures extra security for the travelers.
Baklai Waterfall, Bandarban

And the Baklai village of Naiting mouza of Thanchi upazila of Bandarban district is noteworthy and the infinitely beautiful Bakali WaterFalls. It is believed that Baklai Falls is probably the country's highest fountain, which is about 380 feet high.

If you want to see this fountain, you have to keep it in five to seven days. But depending on how much you can walk, depending on how long you can take. From Thanchi and Ruma you can visit this fountain.

Recommended route: Bandarban - Ruma Bazar - Bagga Lake - Kokrudong - Jadiipai Sharn - Baklai. 1 hour road from Baklai Para. Time will depend on the walk.
Another route: Thanchi - Barding Para - Keithan Para - Baklai Para. 1 hour road from Baklai Para. Time will depend on the walk.

Travel arrangements and costs

You can go from Dhaka to Bandarban on the bus. The cost will be approximately Tk 550 (non AC). These buses usually leave at night. Buses can be found from Dhaka's Saidabad Bus Terminal or Mohakhali Bus Terminal.

You will reach Bandarban within 6-7 hours. Then there will be another bus from Bandarban or the local transport of "Chand car" to Thanchi, distance of about 79 km and takes 4-5 hours. Then some small para from Thanchi Bazar, such as Tutang Para, Boarding Headman Para, Kaitun Para etc. will be available in Baklai Para, it will take 1-2 hours. If you want to go over the waterfall, you will need about 1 hour. No matter where you go by, it will take 2 days to get rid of Ruma or Thanchi.


There are several hotels in Bandarban

  • Green Hill: Press Club Building, Main Road, Bandarban. Phone: 88-0361-374
  • Hotel Guests: Bandarban Bazar, Bandarban. Phone: 88-0361-535

There are accommodation in Thanchi, But you can stay with locals, you need to discuss it.

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