Arunima Resort Golf Club, Norail [Complete Tour Guide]

Arunima Resort Golf Club, also known as Arunima Echo Resort. It is located in Panipara village of Naragati in Narail district. Its area about 50 acres of land. In 2010, Arunima Resort was the first to compete among the best resorts in the country.
Arunima Resort Golf Club, Norail

There are golf courses, table tennis, table tennis, chess, ladoo, badminton, basket ball etc. for the time spent here. There are a few types of boats, horse carts for entertaining. The park also has its own van and rickshaw. Visitors can visit the park by visiting these vans, rickshaws.

There are a total of 19 large ponds in small large areas. Have a big lake. The bench and the hanging trunk for sitting on the banks of the lake. There are 4 bamboo bridges on the lake.

There is a cultivated island in this lake where there are restaurants, cottages and conference rooms. In the conference room, with 200 to 700 people can sit together. There are all the facilities available for making big events.

There are many species of fish in ponds and lake water in the resort. Here, guests can catch fish by filling a ticket of 100 takas. The children also have fun arrangements for this. They can catch fish in low water. For this, tickets worth 30 takas have to be cut.

There are beautiful arrangements for nightlife. SM Sultan Hall, Royal Capital, Modhumoti Nabaganga Cottage, and Island Cottage etc. have been built for the guests. Here's how to spend the night to stay here you can learn it from here.

Ticket Price: 

To get access to the ticket, a ticket worth 100 taka is required. For those who make a picnic, there is a 50% discount on the per capita.


Phone: +88 0171643120, +88 01711693788, +8809871527
Hotline: +88 0711422301

How to go

You will have to go from Narail City to Kaliya Upazila. From there to Arunima Resort. In that case, you can take any vehicle from Narail. Or you can also go there with your own car.

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