Padma Bil, Korpara, Gopalganj [Complete Travel Guide]

The queen of aquatic flowers is called the Padma. The naturally grown lotus has enhanced beauty of Gopalganj. From a distance, it seems as if someone has kept the flower bed. Visitors to enjoy this beauty every day!

There are numerous bills on the four sides of Gopalganj district. One of them is Balakir Bill of Sadar upazila. Only 12 kilometers away from Gopalganj district sadar.
Padma Beel, Korpara, Gopalganj, Credit: TOB

In the rainy season since 1988, most of the land in the Aill is born naturally as a lotus flower. That's why this bill has now become known as Padmibil. In the rainy season, only the lotus and the lotus.

Seeing the lotus of the pink color across the vast area, the mind is mixed. As far as the eyes go, the lotus and the lotus. Such an incredible scene is poking fun at tourists. Hundreds of people are coming every day from different parts of the country to see the beauty of the beel and the lotus.

How to go

From Gulistan bus terminal in Dhaka, go to Madhumati or Tungipara Express in Gopalganj town. From there, Karpara Bazar in Tomtom. Padmabil 5 minutes walk from Karpara Market on brick road.

Where to stay

Good hotels to stay in Gopalganj city,

  • Palash Guesthouse (Moslemuddin Plaza): 01711122687, 019244878008, 066861465
  • Hotel Jimi (Residential): 109 D, Sea Road, Near Kalibari, Gopalganj, Phone: 02-668-5797, 01191620557

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