Bangladesh Folk & Craft Museum, Sonargaon, Narayonganj [Travel Guide]

Bangladesh Folk & Craft Museum, Sonargaon, Narayonganj

The Bangladesh Folk and Crafts Foundation is known as the Sonargaon Museum. Only 24 kilometers away from the capital Dhaka. Rupganj and Sonargaon once the world was famous for muslin.

Muslin's alternative Jamdani sari weavers can be seen directly in the Ruposi kapidara BSCIC Palli.

Sonargaon is an unparalleled collection of ancient and modern architecture. Founded in 1975, Bangladesh Folk and Crafts Foundation. It is widely known as the Sonargaon Folk Art Museum through the transfer of the head of Panam Nagar home.

Here are some galleries for tourists, including Kupupalli, Lokamamanch, Library and Documentation Center. In the foundation premises there are Zainul's struggle sculpture, the sculpture of Shilpacharya, bust sculpture in the form of the historic speech of Bangabandhu, and the facility of fishing in the cut of the ticket, and there is also an excellent opportunity to get into the boat on the Peacock between the canals between the flowers.

Historical Panam City, located in Goaldi village, about half a kilometer away from the Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum. The ancient ruins of the city are still here. The historic Panam Pool is located next to Panam city. Those who come to visit the museum, usually go for a bar but in the city of Panam. Besides this, the Taj Mahal of Bengal made of the Taj Mahal of Agra has been built around it.

Open-closed schedule: Weekly closes every Wednesday and Thursday.

Ticket price

In the Crafts Foundation, the value of the money is 20 taka and foreign tourists will get Tk 100.

How to go

In front of Gulistan's stadium in Dhaka, there are many buses in Sonargaon, like - Borak, Doyel. Rent will be 45-60 taka Special buses fly over the flyover, so the rent takes a little more time. After going to the Sonargaon Morga or Mogra Para station on the bus, you will go to the Sonargaon museum gate by ricksha or CNG in front of the gate. Rickshaw will charge Tk 20-30 and CNG will be available at Tk 10.

Where to stay

Being around Dhaka, you can come back every day, so if you do not even think of staying there. Even if you want to stay in Narayanganj, then you have to take the hotel to Narayanganj Sadar and take the hotel.

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