Baothar, Uttarkhan, Dhaka [Complete Tour Guide]

In the city of Dhaka, when the mind starts to breathe in mind, then there is a little cleansed wind, open sky, calm environment, and a peaceful environment.

Bawthar, Uttarkhan, Dhaka, Credit: TOB (Facebook Group)

And this finding of peace has now become popular in Baothar in Uttarakhan in Dhaka. In the city, the peace of the village has come down here.

Swimming in the river, riding in the boat, is a great place to roam around. Very good place to swim. Clear chilly water.
Baothar, Uttarkhan, Dhaka, Credit: TOB (Facebook Group)

But there is nothing to be astonished because it has not yet been developed as a tourist spot. Boats can not always be here.

But the broken road will be very painful. It can be so hard to get rid of something simple if possible.

But those around, to travel around, there is no place to breathe a little peace, of course they will.
The food shop at Ba'athar did not grow too much.

How to go

If you want to go to Ba'atha, you will have to go to Uttara airport. Haji Camp Walking Distance From Here

Auto pick up from Haji Camp to Kanchakura Bazar, Rent 20 Taka Auto fast for the purpose of Bautha, from Kancharka Bazar. Rent 5 taka

There is also another road that is considered to be relatively good. It is Abdullahpur Atipara Teromuk Road.

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