Dibor Dighi, Naogaon [ Complete Tour Guide ]

Dibar Statue or Divyak Joy statue is a historic monument in the middle of Dibor Dighi of Patnitala thana of Naogaon district of Bangladesh.

Dibar Dighi, Naogaon, Credit : TOB (Facebook Group)

This Dighi is known as Karmakarer Jolashoy to the local people. The lighthouse is situated on 40/50 bighas or 1/22 square miles of land.

Dibor Statue is located in the middle of Dighi , which is the granite stone of the detention.

The total height of this statue is 31 feet 8 inches. The bottom of the water is 6 feet 3 inches and the upper part of the water is 25 feet 5 inches.

The top of the pillar is adorned with grooved decorations.

The unmarked granite stone pillar in the middle of the Debar Dighi excavated during the Pal era is bearing testimony to the noble past glory.

This Divar Dighi is surrounded by the divine pillar of the Goddess, surrounded by pleasant surroundings.

How to go

It is possible to come to the district sadar Naogaon from all over the country. Then on the bus terminal from the bus terminal, Dibir Dighi will be on the intersection. Distance from Naogaon to Dibra Dighi is 55 km.

Bus take 1 to 2 hours. From Dhaka, you can come directly from Dibra lighi. Every day, Hanif Enterprise from Dhaka, Al Nafi, traveled till Sapahar several times.

You can go to Dahir Dighi with a van or rickshaw. Usually fare is 10 taka.

Where to stay

If there are some residential hotels in the supermarket, but if you do not remember these, you will find a good residential hotel if you come to Naogaon Sadar.

You can get room for 150 to 1500 rupees to stay here. If there is AC room then the budget will be increased. To eat and eat from Sabbir, Emperor or Arambagh restaurant.

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