Barek Tilla, Sunamgonj [Complete Tour Guide]

Barikka Tila / Barek Tila belongs to Tahirpur upazila of Sunamganj district. On one side Bangladesh border, Meghalaya in India, Khasia Hills. There are 40 indigenous families in Barika Tila. Made from the center of the dense greenery, there is a paved road with motorcycle being added to Teerghat.
Barek Tila, Sunamgonj

Barkika Tila is beside the Jadukta river which has entered Bangladesh from Khasia Hills of India. On the other side of the river, the  BDR camp in Lau er Gor. Sand and Stone enter Bangladesh from the hills of India.

Hundreds of boats are gathered to bring sandstone here. Far from the mountain, the hill beside it, the river by its side, it is an amazing scene. Besides, there is a pilgrimage place and a shrine on the hill of India, where hundreds of thousands of Hindus and Muslims from the Hindu community were gathered on different days of the year, when the BDR and the BSF were set up, the border was opened for 2-1 days (at that time people of both countries Are inanimate).

Barkika Tila / Barketila can be seen as the highest Khasia hill in the state of Meghalaya. Tillar above the border pillar of the two countries. Bangladesh Border Guards have a patrol camp. There are two indigenous villages named as Kadhi and Raiyai. Barracktila from Barrakora Charagaran custom land port is a 40-minute walkway. From Barikka Tila, it is seen that the blue hills with the clear water and the blue sky in the madhukata river are made of blue shadows. The most beautiful and picturesque landscape around the haunts of Tanguar Haor.

How to go

Non AC and AC buses from Dhaka to Sylhet-Sunamganj routes, non AC fares- 450-440-300 taka and the rent of the AC is 1100-900-850-8000 taka. AC buses include Green Line, Al-Mobaraka, Sohag, Saudia and S. Alam Transport. Other non-AC buses include Shyamoli Transport, Hanif Transport, Mamun, Unique Transportation.

Sunamganj from Shyamoli Paribahan directly from Dhaka, Rent 550 / - per person. Barek Tila will go straight to CNG or Honda to eat breakfast.

However, in the rainy season, the sahib can be reached from the house ghat to a speed boat or engine boat. If you want to visit Tangar Haor, you should definitely go there. Besides, if you want to stay in the haor, if you want to take food or the market, you can take some from here. Life jackets should certainly be taken along.

Where to stay

There is a rest house in Borochar Bazar at Tk 200-400. Borochora Bazar at Barek Tila Bhabar. If you want to walk from Tekerghat can come in the Barrara market. There is also a limestone factory closest to the lake that can stay in its guest house if it is empty.
  •  Caretaker Das, Upazila Dakbungalow Caretaker: 017244968161
  • Upazila guesthouse, Upazila chairman Anisul Haq should be requested to: 01715172238

Apart from this, renting a hotel in Sunamganj will cost Tk 200 to Tk1,000.
  • Hotel Noor-Eastbazar Station Road Sunamganj
  • Hotel Sarpiniya-Jagannathbari road, Sunamganj
  • Hotel Nurani, Old Bus Stand, Sunamganj
  • Hotel Mizan, Eastern Bazar - Sunamganj
  • Hotel Palace, Old Bus Station, Station Road
  • Surma Valley Residential Resorts

Where to eat

There are Barek Teela Food Hotel, but you can also eat in Borochora Market or there is a small market at Tekerghat beside the lake. There is only one meal hotel.

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