Bauyachora Lake, Mirsharai, Chittagong [Complete Tour Guide]

The Bawachora Lake is located in front of Beromashi Chora of Wahedpur village of Mirsarai, the lake has been named as Lake Bawachara Lake.
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The location of the lake is one and a half kilometers east of Dhaka-Chittagong highway on the southern side of the Choto Komoldeho market of Wahedpur Union of Mirsharai upazila.

Apart from this, the rest of the road, you can use vehicle. The type of silent calmness of the cold water will say that its source must be of great importance.

When the light of the sunlight on the last evening fell into Lake, it seems from a distance that the whole project is a tourist center.

Shower of water from the fountain in the project covered by the charming natural cover. It is heard from a distance that the water of the water flutters, the carpet of the birds and the trees of the green trees do not add to the mind.

The elderly will be impressed by anyone who is impressed. It's generally told as Queen of Beauty. Unique landscape scene.

High hills on either side The sound of cold water from the high hills has been continuously rolling on the Bawwara Lake.

The aesthetic beauty of nature is fascinated by the beauty of the paintings of the country's tourism people.

Many people stay in the tents at the foot of the mountain to enjoy the beauty of the fountain in the light of the moon at night.

Due to the brilliant creation of nature, the fire of the Banani form of Dhaka in the shade of greenery, where nature plays in its mind, jhum jhum sounding in the water flowing through the river, the person is wasting himself from the stress of the mechanical life, Wawhara fountain.

How to go

From anywhere in the country on the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, on the southern side of Chakkamaldaha Bazar of Mirsarai Upazila, just 1.5 kilometers before the mountain's footsteps of the Bawhra lake.

It will take 40-45 minutes from Chittagong to reach Kamaldah by small car.

Where to stay

There is no hotel in the small kalmadah area or in Mirsharai. So to stay at night, you have to go to Chittagong city or Feni town.

Where to eat

Kamaldah Bazaar has a famous food restaurant named 'Driver Hotel'. Besides, Chittagong city has 'Kutumbari Restaurant'.

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