Prantik Lake, Bandarban [Complete Tour Guide]

Nearly 25 acres of artificial water is created in the endangered lake. The size of the marginal lake is 25 acres but the whole complex is much larger.

Around 25 acres of lake surrounded by 68 acres of land, which is bigger than Boga Lake.

Prantik Lake, Bandarban, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

Located on one side of the district, this lake is named after the Prantik lake. A beautiful garden is full of four types of trees.
Prantik Lake, Bandarban, Credit: TOB (Facebook group)

This is one of the most lucrative places for picnic. It is located in the place called Haludia near Bandarban-Kareanihat road. Its distance from the main road is 5 kilometers.
Prantik Lake, Bandarban, Credit: TOB (Facebook Group)

Distance from Bandarban district headquarters is 14 kms. The lake has open ground stage, picnic spot, restroom and a high level house.

The beauty of the lake is easily enjoyed in the round room.

The green banana of the lake and the green banana of the lake has made a different dimension here. The cold shade of the trees and the clean air will make you forget all your tiredness.

If you want to catch fish in lake water, but of course with the permission of the authorities. That would be an excess payment for you. Besides, they can roam around with pedestrians and family pedals.

Entry fee of 20 rupees will be cut at the terminal to cut the perimeter ticket.

How to go

Haludia Bazar, the stopover of Bazalia Bus Stand on Bandarban-Chittagong Road. Here, you can go to local or reserve CNG through the marginal leaks.

The reserve CNG will cost 100-120 taka. Or from Bandarban city you can also go to the marginal lake at CNG. In that case the rent is 250-300 taka.

And if you want to camping here you have to get permission from the DC office.

Where to stay

There is no arrangement for passing the late lake, there is no arrangement for food.

So you have to go back in the daytime to Bandarban and take time to get to the water at the lake.

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