Bolihar Rajbari, Naogaon [Tour Guide]

Near the Naogaon-Rajshahi road of Balihar Union of Naogaon Sadar upazila, the oldest traditional Balihar Rajbari is situated in the west.

It is located 18 km west of Naogaon district town, in the village of Balihar in Kurmail Mauja of Balihar Union.

Bolihar Rajbari, Naogaon, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

During the Partition of the country, Bimalendrau Roy was the king of Bolihar.

During the partition of India, when the zamindari tradition was abolished, Bimalelynda Roy, the ruler of Balihar, went to India. Afterwards, the house of Balihar Rajbari.

Bolihar Rajbari, Naogaon, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

The other employees of Raj family looked after the building. During the liberation war of Bangladesh and later, various material including furniture, windows and doors of the Rajbari looted.

In the inner compound the Natmandir, the Raj-Rajeshwari temple, the pair Shiva temple and the huge double-storey zamindari house.

Bolihar Rajbari, Naogaon, Credit: TOB (Facebook Group)

Although the construction of walls of various temples, valuable relief works are now unclear and broken. These works were the decorators of these temples.

There were 330 tigers and ponds in the zamindari of bolhari. Among them, Malahar, Sitahar, Balihar, and Antahar.

Bolihar Rajbari, Naogaon, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

Earlier, a building in Rajbari was used as a school classroom, but the new building is now abandoned due to the construction of a new school building.

Devalaya worship inside the palace is used for the purpose of worship. The throne of the palace is now very much standing with power.

Bolihar Rajbari, Naogaon, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

There are still two Shib Lingo in the mallipara behind the palace as well as large size. The people of the Hindu community gave strong roles to the cast and cremation of the black stone syllabus so that they could not be stolen.

Some buildings of the palatial palace are currently standing on one side and informing the traditions of Balhahar kings at one time.

Mughal emperor Aurangzeb received a zamindar of the zamindar of Balihar of Naogaon. Among the zamindars, landlord Rajendranath established the temple of Rajarajeshwari Devi in Bolshi in 1823.

He installed the statue of Rajeshwari Devi in the temple.

Nine wheels of Bolhair were famous in this region. There was a huge villa in the palace a few miles away. There were regular jalsa. Many of the Balhahar kings were highly educated.

King Krishnendranath Roy Bahadur was a writer. Among his writings, Krishnanendra is the first and second volume of books.

It is said that there were 330 tigers and ponds in the estate of Balhahar. There are still many tigers and ponds. The names were known in the form of Sutradomhus like Malahara, Sitahar, Bolihara, Dahanah and Dwarves and other ponds.

Fancy kings were mini zoos. There were tigers, vultures, monkeys, deer and many other species of animals and birds. There is a legend, the Mughal Emperor Akbar's commander, King Mansingh, came to this country to suppress the Bhuya.

He reached Bolhara at one stage with his army. The soldiers were tired due to crossing the long road. For the rest and for the news of Bhai Bhuiyan via Manseingh Gupta, the rescued Manpreet Singh Manpreet During that time dry season in Barind region.

If you sit for long, you can dig out the 330 dighi and pond with Mansingh army. "

How to go 

Several buses travel from Dhaka to Naogaon, among which are the SR and Travels AC and non AC buses which regularly travel to Naogaon.

When you reach Naogaon, you can go auto rickshaw to the Rajbari of Balihara.

Where to stay 

To stay you have to go to Naogaon town. When you return to Naogaon you will find a very good residential hotel. To stay in Naogaon, there are hotels -

  • Hotel Farial (0741-6,2765) at Santahar Road, 
  • Hotel Vacation (0741-622356) at Hotel Santahar, 
  • Hotel Raj (0741-62449), Shahid Kazi Nurunnabi Market,
  • Hotel Jamuna (0741-62674), Hotel Flood, 
  • Hotel Barrage (0741-63351), 
  • Hotel Sarani (0741-61685) and 
  • Motel Chisti in the old bus stand.

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