Lama, Banadarban [Tour Guide]

Lama of Bandarban district is like a kingdom of heaven to everyone. Land of 11 small ethnic groups. Must be a like a heaven for travellers.

There are so many things to be fascinated to see here. The road from Chakaria to Lama is the starting point of its journey.

Lama, Bandarban, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

As soon as Lama's entry into the street, there will be an amazing way to enter heaven. There is also Quantum Shishu Kanon which is located far away from Lama.

You have to take Vehicle. From here you will see the sunset which is unique in one place. There are Miriza Tourist Complex. It is located 7 kilometers to reach Lama. Mirina is located about 22 feet feet high from the flat ground.

Road of Lama, Bandarban, Credit: TOB(Facebook Group)

 An example of the combination of mountains and clouds can be seen here. Entrance price of 20 rupees per person There is a chance to cook a picnic.

 Tourism Miriza built around 33 acres of land will easily grab the mind of everyone.

Lama market can go for a round trip. The very famous Lama market. You can also visit from Marma Para. Keep the afternoon for the Matamuhuri Bridge.

The sunset looks great from here. There are rivers in the river, everyone named the place as Bengal. Many boats can be seen from here. There is also the beauty of the mountains of happiness and sorrow.

This lamatei has the former Bishchari Buddhist Temple and Mirina Para. Oh, this one is a heaven. In the morning, Sajak Phill is available from this neighborhood.

It takes great to see the hills below the clouds. If you want to travel to Lakma to Manikpur boat.

While traveling from Lama to Manikpur, it will be seen that many big mountains and small Matamuhuri river flowing in the middle.

1000 to 1200 Taka coming to Manikpur from Lama Besides, going for Quantum 1300 to 1500 moon car rental. From the lama to Mirina para, it's fare 10 taka.

How to go

From Dhaka or Chittagong to Chakaria on the bus. Then the lama from Chakaria bus. Buses from Dhaka to Chakaria will cost Tk 750 and bus fares from Chakoria to Lama will be Tk 40.

Where to stay

The city of Lama has medium-class hotels. The cost of the renter will be 300 to 800 taka.

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