Butterfly Garden, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka [Travel Guide]

Jahangirnagar University area, which is situated in the nature lane near Savar, is located near Dhaka. The natural beauty of this university has many biodiversity in the area. However, the butterfly garden of the university has grabbed the attention of all the people.
Butterfly Garden, Jahangirnogor University, Dhaka

The butterfly garden is basically a designated shelf for its name and color butterflies. There are different rooms for the butterflies and the breeding center. Here are some of the butterflies who do not bother, they roam swollen scent, they eat honey.

 The sanctuary of the butterfly has become the green campus of Jahangirnagar. Green Banani, soft grass, and they have a long way around. Before the sun rises, they wake up. The start of one more day In the quiet environment of the morning, a lot of sightseeing, then get busy in the food collection.

 One from forest to another. Honey collection competition. They rush through the varied wings of violet, blue, sky, green, yellow, orange, red color. The color of the color of the wanderer, and the color of the butterfly of the garden of the garden. Tiger Grip, Shallow Tale, Grass Yellow, Yellow Pensee, Lyme Butter Fly!

There are 110 species of two species of butterflies in our country. And again in 61 species new. In the garden of butterflies, there are different types of butterflies. The house means bamboo, flower bogan, bush-jungle, nageshwar tree rows, grass fields, all these butterflies house. Sometimes they have to look forward to seeing them, with caution. The butterfly garden on the land of 300 acres of land.

 It is possible due to forest-forestry and biodiversity of Jahangirnagar University. But the butterflies have taken their own garden. In butterfly garden such as the natural reproduction of butterflies, Monoar Hossain of zoology department has developed artificial breeding centers. The butterflies taken in the center of the center were released in the garden. So far, two species of butterflies have been found in the breeding center. And it has saved many species of extinct species.

How to go to 

From Gulistan, Farmgate, Kalyanpur or Gabtoli to Nabinagar, Manikganj on any bus can easily go to the campus. Rickshaw is common vehicle to visit campus.

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  1. Jahangirnagar University is the famous and beautiful place! Butterfly Garden is a surprisingly awesome idea! I had no idea about this kind of place before. Mind-blowing thing to see. I am planning to visit there with my friends one evening.


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