Teesta Barrage, Lalmonirhut, Nilphamari [Travel Guide]

Teesta Barrage of Bangladesh's largest irrigation project, built on the Teesta river between Doani of Gondimari union under Hatibandha upazila of Lalmonirhat district and Dalia of Khalisa Chapani Union under Dimla upazila of neighboring Nilphamari district. The name Dalia is like a flower, but it is a village that looks like a monoecious. The city is covered by greenery, and most of the pedestrians are attracted.
Teesta Barrage, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari

The origin of Teesta in the hill areas of India's northern Sikkim. Bangladesh has entered into Nilphamari district. The river flows through all the districts of greater Rangpur region ie Nilphamari, Lalmonirhat, Rangpur, Kurigram and Gaibandha.

In the 1980s, the dam was built on the Teesta river in Doyan in Hatibandha upazila of Lalmonirhat. Which is called the Teesta Barrage Project. Due to the creation of this barrage, huge area of ​​Nilphamari, Rangpur and Dinajpur districts came under irrigation facilities.
Teesta Barrage, Lalmonirhat, Nilphamari

Barrage in the middle of the river. Mechanical gate The 44 gates stretched together in one place. On the other side there are eight more gates. For taking water in the canals. Many are open. By controlling the waters of the Teesta river, keeping the water in dry season, in some districts of north Bengal, these baras are used for irrigation. Large-scale structures of iron-lock, concrete The green dome has been built on both sides of the river.

Teesta Barrage surrounds the Teesta fringes to suit the beautiful. There are several picnic spots in adjacent areas. People have come here to picnic from far away. In the rainy season, Teesta is filled with plenty of rain. See also the canals.

 Many people visit the afternoon. Peach poured beside barrage on black road sidebar kashful Dhaka. Incredible scene. Moving on a pitch-laden path, it seems that this path is not the end. It's a place to look at everything by combining everything.

How to go

It takes one and a half hours to go to the project, 75 kilometers away from Rangpur city. Nilphamari's Daliyar can be used to ride in the car, the public rental is between 60 to 70 taka.
Lalmonirhat Sadar or Hatibandha Upazila Sadar from the road to Teesta Barrage. Hatibandha Upazila Sadar Road is 20 km away.
Those who go to Dhaka or other cities can go directly to Nilphamari. There you can make a scooter, rickshaw or a motorcycle on Teestapur.

Where to stay

Leisure rest houses are located in the beautiful natural beauty beside the barrez. Water Development Board supervises the rest house. With permission from them, they can be kept at the rest house. But this is not open to everyone.

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