Chachra Shiv Temple, Jessore [Complete Travel Guide]

The Chachra Rajbari is located just four kilometers away from Chhanga Union Parishad of Jessore Sadar Police Station. The temple of Chachra Shiva is an 'eight-chala' type of temple.
Chachra Shiv Temple, Jessore

The style of 'eight-chalha' is a special type of architecture of the temple of Bengal, where another small 'Chow-Chala' roof is built on the 'Chu-Chala' roof of a square or rectangular house. This Shiva temple has three entrances to the front entrance and is decorated with terracotta plaques in front of the temple.
The Department of Archeology of Bangladesh has declared the Chaldehra Shiva Temple as a protected place.

How to go

Travel from Dhaka to Jessore, road, rail and air. Green line transport from Gabtali, Kalyanpur, Kalabagan in Dhaka, Sohag Transport, Eagle Transport, Shyamoli Paribahan AC bus goes to Jessore. Fare is  800 to 1 thousand taka Apart from this, non-AC buses of Hanif, Shyamoli, Sohag, Eagle etc transported to Jessore. Fare 350 to 450 taka.

Intercity train Sundarbans Express and leaving the inter-city train Chattra Express to Jessore every evening at 7pm without any other day except Saturdays at Dhaka's Kamalapur. Rent Shovon 350 Taka, Shovon Chair 420 Taka, First Class Chair Tk 560, First class berth 840 taka Snigda class (AC Chair) 700 AC berth 1,260 taka.

United Airlines, Regent Airlines and Navo Air from Dhaka regularly travel on the way to Jessore. From Daksha to Jasorgami bus ride to Manisha's cinema hall, there is a rickshaw and chachra Shiv temple going to go. Apart from this, the Chachara Union Parishad of 10 is also to be taken by van/bus.

Where to stay 

Jessore city has to be chosen for the title. Stay there and get the hotel for a meal. Hotel Amin and Hotel Midtown are among the best residential hotels.

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