Chalonda Giripoth, Chittagong University, Chittagong [Complete Tour Guide]

Chalonda giripoth's another name is natural beauty. The pass line is located within the 17's 53 acres of the University of Chittagong.
Chalonda Giripoth, Chittagong University

Edvancore and Travel Now the new name is the new cruise passage in the travelogue of the people. That's why every day groups are going to different groups, going towards this natural path.

How to go

Chittagong University went to Chittagong University's Battali Station/Sholoshahar Station on Chittagong-Chittagong. Just a little away from the university's station in the zero point. Turning the zero point to the caller jumped off. The rent will be 5 taka Start walking smoothly on the back of the jungle, for 1 hour. After 6/8 minutes walk from the collar bust, the water rhyme will get. Walk straight through the water rhyme for the purpose of the passage.

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Need some precautions. Since the whole tide is trekking on water, it should be careful about shoe first. Do not trekking in empty legs, there are wild spines. It is good to keep drinking water and some dry food. And do not forget to eat the dirt or water bottle after eating food like others.

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