Chagolkanda Jhorna, Chittagong [Travel Guide]

Chagolkanda Jhorna, Chittagong, Credit: Nadim Hossain Aslam(TOB)

The trail of the Chagolkanda Fountain is fairly strangely a trail. This tremendous trail has a large Kamaldah Fountain. There are 4-5 large and medium fountains in the large Kamaldah Fountain. One of them is Chagalkandha Jhorna. From the Great Dahogar Haat to the Great Road on the north side (towards Dhaka), we will first have a brick open. From the brick to the right side of the right side of the ground. Kamaladha Jharna will go to some distance if it goes away and goes for 20 minutes. Basically it's a cascade. The other name of the goalkana is the Kamalok Jhorna.

There is only one step from the bottom of the 3-phase fountain. To see the remaining 2 steps, you have to go upstream. There will be many precautions to go upstairs. If there is a lot of slippery, little disarray, and fear of death with breaking of his hands.

After bathing in this spring, you will be walking up and down in the mood. After 30 minutes walk, the front path will be seen as the English Y. You walk on the left hand The way to see it again in front of the path is Y. Again and walk on the left hand. In this way, the second spell will be received once. Whose name is Chagalakanda. Here, how much depth can you see by bamboo or sticks before going to the water.

How to Go

At first, you will have to sit in Sitagunda's big Dorogharhat market on any of the buses (400-100 taka) on Chittagong Highway. You can also come to Feni or Chittagong by train. You can go to Sitakunda and Mirsharai on the bus from Shuvopur or Ornament of Chittagong.

From Chittagong (Kadamtali Shuvopur station) you can go to Choice, renting 80 taka by minibus. Big Darogar Hat to Leguna brick brick. The road to the east is 20-25 minutes walk east. Kamaldah Jharna will be seen first. If the rest of the road gets Chagolkanda Jhorna.

Where to Stay: 

There is no good hotel to stay in Mirsarai, so you have to stay in Sitakunda. Although Sitakunde did not have a good quality residential hotel. There are several residential hotels inside the market.

Hotel Saimun, Rent 300-500 taka Contact: 01827334082, 018252128767.

There are dakbungalows of the government organization. Besides, Baroiyarhat can stay. There is a residential hotel named Golden and a boarding house named Zahid. If you want to stay a little better, you can stay Bhatiari. There are two residential hotels here. Single Room No AC 600 Taka Two bed AC room 1200 taka

Where to eat
There are several food hotels in Sitakunda. Al Amin Hotel has good food quality.

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