Chuti Resort, Gazipur [Complete Travel Guide]

Chuti Resort is situated in the village of Sukundi, about 50 bighas of land near the Bhawal National Park in Gazipur. The resort has been built to accommodate leisure activities in rural areas.
Chuti Resort, Gazipur

Chuti Resort has a maritime travel arrangement, tents to be housed in rare forested reserve forests. Birds of the day with six zones, regular cottages, bird houses, fishing systems, herbal gardens, native fruits, vegetables, flower gardens, huge two playgrounds, modern restaurants, two picnic spots, rural cottage houses, kids zones for kids

In the evening, the foxes cry, the rare species of barbarians, the zombie poker procession and fireworks, the screams of screaming And there is no word if there is a full moon. According to the rules of the resort, lightning does not light on moonlight night.

This holiday is one of the biggest resorts to enjoy the full moon and rainy season. Various types of seasonal fruits are offered free of charge to the visitors coming here. For guests, it is served in the morning with soft rice or chitai cakes of rice, along with various local varieties of vegetables, pulse beans and chicken meat. You can enjoy the pleasure of billy-water at once, here.

Chuti Resort's Great Atraction is Fishing System The incoming visitors will be able to hunt fish in the inner lake. Of course, there is a separate fee for this.

Looking at the biggest 3 lakes in the interior, it seems like there is a huge bill of water. There are football, cricket, badminton playgrounds for the convenience of visitors to the visitors. AC, non-AC 21 cottage. There are two types of accommodation here. The fertile folk lives of the rural amazes or brick wood sandstone cottage. There is swimming pool. There are two conference rooms. Food, Hotels, Hotels, Hotels, Hotels & Resorts >> Hotels in Bangla, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Continental.


Cottages cost between 3 thousand and 10 thousand taka for 24 hours. Conference room 20 thousand to 50 thousand taka and picnic for 100 to 200 people's rent 90 thousand taka.
  • Family cottage 2 AC room and other facilities - 14,000 rupees, VAT charges Tk 17,710.
  • Platinum King Cottage Tk 8,000, VAT and service charge with Tk 10.120
  • Deluxe Twin Cottage Cottage: Rs. 6,000, VAT and service charges including 7,590 taka.
  • Premium Twin Cottage is Tk 7,000, VAT and service charges, 8,855 taka
  • Premium Deluxe Villa 9,000 rupees, VAT and service charge, including Tk 11,385
  • Executive Suite 13,000, VAT and service charges including 16,445 taka.
  • Royal Suite 17,000 taka, VAT and service charges including Tk. 215050
  • Duplex villa is Tk 6,000, VAT and service charges, including 7,590 taka.
  • Wooden Cottage charges Tk 4,500, VAT and service charge with Tk 5693.
  • Bhawal cottage Tk 8,000, VAT and service charge with Tk 10.120


Address: Vacation Resort, Sukundi, Amtali, Joydevpur, Gazipur.
Phone number: 01777114488, 1777114499

How to go

At first Gazipur will come to the intersection. From there pass on to the transport or passenger bus in front of Gazipur DC office (Rajbari). Just three kilometers from there, the location of Sukundi Holiday Resort, a little north from Amtali Bazar.

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